COASTE | DEC 2016 - JAN 2017

Looking back on his 30 years churning out editorial cartoons five days a week, MacGregor recalls “some days were easier than others, depending on the news. Other days I’d just scratch my head ‘til four pm, then walk around the building, talk to my friends and try to find some inspiration. If they ever saw me at four o’clock, they all used to laugh ‘cause they knew I was out of ideas.” Looking ahead, MacGregor is as excited about his children’s books as he is his work with children and adults at Lee Health. “With my children’s books, I’m trying to get kids to

be more creative every day — and not rely on video games. I would love kids — even adults — to explore their creativity, be it art, music, writing, dance, theatre. It helps the brain and I think, helps us live longer. In the same way, we’re using the arts in the health care environment to help patients young and old better cope with their condition and hopefully, assist in their healing. Everyone can be creative. It’s just finding a way to express yourself.” {


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