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The protection of life is not a matter for compromise. This is particularly true for fire protection systems that are only as strong as their weakest link. Compromise may result in avoidable loss of life or property. This is why SyncroFlo fire pumps are designed specifically for the particular needs of fire protection and are approved by the majority of the major fire protection distributors world- wide. You can rest assured knowing you selected an approved SyncroFlo fire pump as part of an approved system, main- tained in accordance with standards such as NFPA 20. Having manufactured fire pumps for over 50 years, SyncroFlo has gained experience from extreme environments, such as offshore oil & gas installations, that has led to the creation of the SyncroFlo FM/UL approved Unistream range. These pumps are fully compliant to NFPA 20. SyncroFlo End-Suction fire pumps are available for duties ranging from 200 gpm to 1500 gpm and are suitable for electric or diesel drives.

TYPICAL INSTALLATIONS: • Supermarkets • Hospitals • Schools and Colleges • Hotels • Office Buildings TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:

• Sprinkler systems • Hydrant systems • Monitor systems • Water curtains


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Cast iron pump casing with centerline discharge, hydraulically engineered to yield best in class efficiency, does not retain air, eliminates need of separate air venting accessories as there are no air pockets within pump casing

Double shrouded impeller is provided with vanes on back shroud to balance axial thrust, larger impeller use dual wear ring with balance holes

Back pull out design allows removal of rotating assembly and bearing housing without disturbing suction and discharge piping

Impellers are specifically designed to meet NFPA 20, UL:448, FM:1319 fire pump requirementes

Design conforms to DIN:24255, ISO:2858 and ISO 5199, which is modular and interchangeable parts, fewer spares needed

Sturdy, yet simple, bearing is designed to withstand bi axial loads without having to use expensive angular contact bearings

Flanges drilled per ANSI B 16.1, optional drillings available per request

CONFIGURATION Horizontal electric motor or engine driven

FEATURES • Horizontal DIN 24255 electric motor • 41 models • Wide choice of materials • Centreline discharge • Back pull-out rotating element can be removed without disturbing pipe work • Impellers cut to duty • High interchangeability – just three shaft modules cover the entire range

• Suitable for baseplate mounting with coupling • Approved to LPCB, FM and/or UL standards • In compliance with NFPA 20 • Used in pump as turbine applications

DISCHARGE & PERFORMANCE  • 1.25 in. to 6 in. • Outputs up to 2200 gpm • Heads up to 345 ft.


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