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APRIL 2020


From Easter Egg Hunts to Family Dinners

Apart from candy and money, we’d also get a small gift from the Easter Bunny. I remember one year, when I was around 9, I found my basket, and sitting inside was a portable camera. In today’s age, a portable camera might not cause the same reaction as it did back then. Cameras are almost a rare commodity because our phones have replaced them, but 50 years ago, it was very different. I was really excited to have that camera, and it lasted me a good while before it ran out of juice. These were nice family traditions to have while growing up, and I always looked forward to them as a kid. Then, when I had kids of my own, I wanted to share that experience with them. Although my wife and I didn’t hide money or gifts in the eggs or baskets, we’d fill them with candy and set them around the house for our daughters to find. We did have to be pretty careful about hiding them, though. If we hid them too well, the girls wouldn’t be able to find them, and we’d be finding eggs in random spots throughout the following year. We always made sure to use easier hiding spots around the house so we wouldn’t open a drawer to find a bright yellow plastic egg that’d been sitting there for a few months. This year, I’m looking forward to another awesome Easter spent with family, and I hope that you and yours have an enjoyable holiday too — however you celebrate. Happy Easter! -Dr. Steven Schulte

Easter has always been a holiday I’ve really enjoyed. I grew up with a few traditions that my family celebrated year after year, and I continued some of these when I had kids of my own. For my household, Easter is about getting together with family and enjoying each other’s company, taking part in a few hunts, and getting the chance to eat a fantastic lunch. Having the family come to my home, or going to visit someone else’s, is always exciting for me. I love being in the comforts of family and having the chance to catch up with the people I might not have seen for a while. I felt this way growing up too. When I was a kid, we would usually go over to my grandmother’s pretty early in the day. She would have spent the previous day — or a few minutes before we arrived — out in her yard, hiding some plastic eggs for us kids to find. They’d have some money in them, like a dime or quarter, but I always hoped I’d be lucky enough to find the one or two eggs she’d put a dollar in. After


we were done egg hunting, we’d have the chance to look for our Easter baskets that were usually inside, and once we found them, we’d load up on candy. Those hunts were always a lot of fun. Afterward, we’d stay for the whole day, more family would show up, and we’d all sit down for a huge ham lunch.



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