Naperville Park District Resident Resource Guide

Park and Facilities Overview

Seasonal Prescribed Burns Each spring and fall, the Park District uses controlled ground-level burns as an effective tool to clear the ground of invasive weeds and reduce the amount of leaf and plant debris with the goal of returning nutrients to the soil and trigger native plant germination. Residents may see smoke or even fire when these activities are occurring. Nearby residents receive notification via post card and the media is notified by press release prior to the start of prescribed burn season. Information regarding prescribed burns and locations can be found at prescribedburns.

Wolf’s Crossing Community Park

Residents may rent parks or facilities for private events. For details and rental application form, visit Naperville has miles and miles of trails that safely connect residents

to places across the community via walking or biking. Please note that biking is not allowed on the Naperville Riverwalk. A great resource regarding places to bike

and hike can be found on the City of Naperville’s website: maps-guides-and-plans.

For an interactive map of parks and facilities visit,


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