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Give me a room filled with well-trained Indoor Air Quality Experts , and I will tell you that they save more lives than a room filled with doctors! “ ”


• Why is this Important • What is the Problem • Proactive Solutions • Moving Forward Advancing Air Quality in America


Regarding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), do you consider yourself?

A. An Expert B. Very Knowledgeable C. Knowledgeable D. I know a little E. I really don’t know anything


Why is it Important?


Why is it Important?


How many gallons of air does the average human breath in a day?

A. 1 B. 1.5 C. 2,000 D. 17,000 E. 6,000,000

Why is it Important?

We breathe in of air each day 2,000 GALLONS

Humans typically eat 2lbs. of food, drink 4lbs. of fluids and breathe in over 2,000 gallons of air each day. Take 17,000 breaths a day, or more than 6 million breaths a year. Children’s lungs are still developing — children breathe 2-3 times more often than adults

Why is it Important?

Germs Spread Quickly via Air . . . And Can Stay for Hours in the Air!!!

A BREATH A single breath releases 50 – 500 droplets. Most of these droplets are low velocity and fall to the ground quickly. There are even fewer droplets released when breathing through the nose. A COUGH A single cough releases about 3,000 droplets, which can travel up to 50 miles per hour. Most droplets are large and fall quickly, but many stay in the air and can travel across a room in a few seconds. A SNEEZE A single sneeze releases about 30,000 droplets, traveling at up to 200 miles per hour. Most droplets are small and travel easily across a room.

Why is IAQ Important - Asthma

“Less than 30% of people with asthma, are taking all actions recommended to reduce exposure to indoor environmental asthma triggers”. -

Why is IAQ Important – Environmental Allergies

• 50 Million people are affected by nasal allergies in the United States. • 13.4 Million visits are made to doctors, outpatient and emergency departments due to hay fever. • 8.3 Million American children have respiratory allergies. • 85 percent of people with hay fever symptoms experience relief from allergy shots. • 55 percent of Americans test positive for one or more allergens. -

Number of U.S. hospital patients that will get a Hospital Associated Infection (HAI): 1 in 25

Preliminary USA Flu Burden Estimates So far this season, the CDC estimates there have been between:

5,000 – 14,000 FLU DEATHS

8,000,000 -13,000,000 FLU ILLNESSES

3,700,000 – 6,100,000 FLU MEDICAL VISITS


*Based on data from October 1, 2021 through June 11, 2022

Because influenza surveillance does not capture all cases of the flu, the CDC provides these estimated ranges to better reflect the full burden of the flu in the United States. These estimates are calculated using a mathematical model based on the CDC’s weekly influenza surveillance data and are preliminary. Testing for influenza may be higher due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is possible the final estimates will be lower than these current estimates .

Country-Level COVID-19 Community Levels August 8, 2022 Why is IAQ Important – COVID

Over 85% of the U.S. population is in a location with a medium or high COVID-19 Community Level.

% of Pop.

% of Countries





38.9% 41.7%

29.5% 55.1%


Indoor Air Quality is the #1 Concern on a Global level Why is it Important?

• Why Recent Announcements By The White House Around Indoor Air Quality Matter

• Contracting COVID 1,000 Times More Likely From Air Transmission Than From Surfaces

• Better Ventilation Would Create a Healthier Workplace — But Companies Have to Invest

• Office Air Quality Can Affect Employees’ Cognition, Productivity

• The Hot New Back-to-School Accessory? An Air Quality Monitor

• Better IAQ Management Will Be The Future Of The Workplace

A Rise of New Compliance for IAQ Why is it Important?


Why is IAQ Important – Air Pollution Latest Data of 2021

– referring to the year 2016

Outdoor Pollutants IAQ Problems

• Particle Pollution (PM2.5 – PM10) • Ozone Pollution (O3) • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) • Carbon Monoxide (CO) • Lead Pollution (Pb) • 200+ Other Pollutants of concern

Indoor Pollutants IAQ Problems

• Particulate Matter (PM2.5 – PM10) • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) • Formaldehyde (HCHO) • Building Materials & Household Products • Smoke • Mold • Radon

2–5Xs Indoor air pollutants are Higher than outdoor air pollutants


In some cities this can be up to 100X higher at certain times.

#1 reason why kids miss school!

Which means the average American spends about 71 years of their lifetime inside. 90% On average we spend Of our time indoors

What is the Problem?

HVAC - #1 GOAL: Bring in Outside Air and reduce CO2 levels • Average System number of Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) - .5 to 1 • Recommended: 3 – 5 ACH • Average amount of outdoor air brought in from HVAC Systems: 5% • This means, on average 95% of what we breathe in is recycled air

What is the Problem?

Top 10 Contagious Airborne Diseases

1. COVID-19 / SARS 2. Tuberculosis

6. Strep pneumonias 7. Pertussis – whooping cough 8. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) 9. MRSA 10. Measles

3. Norovirus 4. Influenza 5. Legionellosis

What is the Problem?

Particles below 2.5 microns cause the most risks to lungs


What size micron is a virus?

A. 10 microns B. 5 microns C. 2.5 microns D. 0.3 microns E. 0.1 microns

Size of Virus Airborne Particulate Matter What is the Problem?

PM 0.1 - 0.3 Microns Include

PM 2.6 - 10 Microns Include

Size of Virus Airborne Particulate Matter What is the Problem?

98.5% of all particles are below 1.0 microns

Detecting particles that are larger than 1 micron is only the tip of the iceberg and not significant enough to detect air safety and air quality in a comprehensive manner.

What is the Problem?

COVID, and other like viruses, are 1,000 times more likely spread via air than from surfaces.

What is the Problem?

TVOCs are Total Volatile Organic Compounds

Gases that are emitted into the air from products or processes. Responsible for the odor of scents as well as pollutants.

Second most common complaint to building managers, with temperature being first.

• The smaller particulates mentioned above, including viruses and biological pathogens, will attached to TVOCs. This will allow them to live longer and travel through the air more easily.

• Reducing the concentration of VOCs indoors is an important health and environmental goal

Highly Contagious Pathogens What is the Problem?

• According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), viruses in as few as 18 viral particles can make you sick

• That means that the amount of virus particles that fit on the tip of the pen would be enough to infect more than 1,000 people

• Can be overwhelming to imagine cleaning the air in an entire room smaller than the size of a tip of a pen – up to .1 microns - continuously

What is the Problem?

High exposure to CO2

People with asthma and respiratory illnesses can have difficulty breathing in a room with a high CO2 content because it limits the amount of oxygen that enters the lungs. At high levels, the carbon dioxide itself can cause: Headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. This could occur when exposed to levels above 5,000 ppm for many hours. Exposure to concentrations around 40,000 ppm is immediately dangerous to life and health. These levels of CO 2 can cause asphyxiation as it replaces oxygen in the blood. CO 2 poisoning, however, is very rare .

Temperature & humidity affect indoor air quality Finding a healthy balance of temperature and humidity is vital. Temperature and humidity are major contributors to the climate in a space and the overall IAQ. Warmer temperatures can amplify air quality problems. When air is hot, it is often stagnant, so polluted air is not dispersed. People are also highly sensitive to thermal changes so THEIR PERCEPTION of the air quality and general comfort level is directly impacted by temperature. When the air is humid it becomes heavy with moisture, and your building becomes a breeding ground for dust mites, allergens, and mold / bacterial growth. What is the Problem?

What is the Problem?


According to ASHREA, what is the recommended MERV rating for your air filter

A. 6 B. 10 C. 13 D. 16 E. 19

Understanding Filter MERV Ratings

Understanding Filter MERV Ratings

Understanding Filter MERV Ratings

Understanding Filter MERV Ratings

Understanding Filter MERV Ratings

What is the Problem?

Log Reduction Matter



Improving Indoor Air Quality Proactive Solutions

1. Monitor Indoor Air Quality

6. Focus on high traffic areas

2. Source Control – Find the problems

7. Improve HVAC systems

3. Increase air flow and exchanges

8. Utilize Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

4. Improve Ventilation - Bring in Outside Air

9. Reduce occupancy in rooms

5. Improve Air Filtration as high as possible

10. Invest in Air Cleaners and Fans

Key IAQ Safety Metrics U.S. Air Quality Index (AQI)

• Particle Matter • TVOCs • Carbon Dioxide • Temperature • Humidity

Meeting and Exceeding the New Compliances for IAQ Proactive Solutions

ThinkLite Air – 3 Rings of Defense Proactive Solutions

RING 1: Monitoring

RING 2: Sanitizing

RING 3: Healing

The ThinkLite 3 Rings of Defense technology will monitor and clean your air in the safest and most efficient way possible. ThinkLite Air – 3 Rings of Defense Proactive Solutions

1 FLAIR INDOOR AIR QUALITY MONITOR Get real time information, trends, analytics, and alerts on your indoor air quality with ThinkLite Air Flair.

2 PURILUX AIR PURIFYING LED LIGHT PANEL Every light fixture can be an air purifier with the Purilux in-ceiling air purifying LED light panel.

3 ICON Freestanding, Portable Air Healer The ICON Air Healer produces MERV19 grade air that is 99.9999% free of pathogens/particulates in a large space of up to 5,000 sq feet .

Key IAQ Safety Metrics U.S. Air Quality Index (AQI)

• Particle Matter • TVOCs • Carbon Dioxide • Temperature • Humidity

The Flair Breathe Easy. See Clearly

PRECISION AIR MONITORING DOWN TO 0.1 MICRONS • Monitor for pathogens that range from 0.1 to 2.5 microns, including viruses the size of COVID 19, SARS, influenza flu virus, and additional dangerous airborne germs. • Also measure for larger environmental irritants like soot, pollen, dander, and other particulates in the 2.5 - 10 micron size.

MONITOR UP TO 5,000sq ft • Each Flair device safely measures the IAQ of a 5,000 sq ft area, providing 24-hour insights on key air safety metrics. • Link multiple Flairs for comprehensive data in larger areas.

ADVANCED DASHBOARD AND DATA OPTICS • An integrated dashboard collects actionable data from all your Flair devices and alerts you to changing air conditions in your facility in real time. • Public, customizable kiosk dashboards can be made accessible through public monitors or QR codes to provide transparency and inspire confidence in the cleanliness and safety of the air inside your facility.

SMART BMS INTEGRATION OPTIONS • ThinkLite’s Flair IAQ Monitor has an open API architecture, making it easy to integrate into most BMS systems. • Use the Flair as a smart thermostat and to automate HVAC controls to help reassure clean, safe air for the areas that need it most.

Flair IAQ Monitor

The TL Flair IAQ Monitor is designed to work with customizable indoor sensors that can be integrated into the modular cartridge design as shown.

The cartridges are interchangeable and can be specially made to sense a specific chemical that your facility may need to monitor.


• Accuracy for large commercial areas • Integrates and synchronizes with other devices


• Sharing critical data in real time internally vs externally • Authorized App Access • Public sharable links and QR codes • Browser based enterprise analytics platform • iOS and Android Applications • Setting custom alerts for various user profiles


• Largest Private Healthcare System in the United States • 151 Hospitals • 165,000 employees • Monitoring Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) • Real time data for Head of Infectious Disease Control

• Optimize the performance of any appliances that are on a building management system (BMS). • Integrate with HVAC control, smart thermostats, lighting, etc. • Seamlessly integrate to your building’s automation control system through our open API, BACnet, MODBUS and any custom integration that may be required. Flair IAQ Monitor – BMS Integration Proactive Solutions

What does your air quality data really mean? Air Quality Index (AQI) refers to the EPA’s index for reporting air quality, on a scale from 0-500. This index keeps in mind all of the major pollutants, pathogens, and risks in the air that directly effect health.

GOOD Air quality is considered

FAIR Air quality is

EXCELLENT Exceptional air quality with no risk of infection or irritation from airborne particles

BAD Health alert. Serious health effects such as airborne viral infection or strong irritation are likely.

SEVERE Hazardous health

acceptable. However, some more sensitive individuals may experience irritation

warning for the entire population. Emergency environmental conditions.

satisfactory and air pollution poses little to no risk to most people

Main Features | Comparison Chart

The Purilux Breathe Easy. See Clearly

CLEAN AIR WITH THE FLIP OF A SWITCH • Every light fixture becomes its own silent and powerful air purifier. • With its medical grade center frugal fan and internal sanitizing UVC chamber, 99.99% of bacteria & viral pathogens, including COVID-19 are eliminated.

400sq ft/12,000 CUBIC ft. TREATMENT COVERAGE • Capable of purifying up to 12,000 cubic feet of air per hour (212 cfm), equivalent to 3-5 air exchanges per 400 sq ft. • Makes it a perfect air purification tool for small to medium spaces.

UP TP 70% ENERGY SAVINGS THAN TRADITIONAL FIXTURES • Each 2x2 Purilux produces up to 4,000 lumens, while consuming only 25W, including air purification. • Can be used to replace existing fixtures, or even as an add-on fixture to your space.

Every light fixture now an air purifier

INTEGRATED CHANGING CCT OPTION • Integrated options to customize ambient colors depending on the application: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K. • Physical appearance is identical to industry standard of LED panel fixtures.

Proactive Solutions The Purilux – Breathe Easy

What if your ceiling lights could double as air purifiers? How It Works Built in ULPA and carbon filters team up with a medical-grade centrifugal fan and a UVC sanitizing chamber to purify the air, eliminating viruses and other airborne risks without the use of any chemicals, ions, or ozone.

Mounting Options

Features • Easy to install & fits like a 2x2 troffer/panel • Vibration and impact resistant • Quiet performance • Instant On/Off • Emergency Battery Backup option available • 5-Year world-wide warranty • Smart Remote Control allows for: · Dimming: 25% / 50% / 75% / 100% · Color selection: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K · Mode Selection: Light+Purify/Purify Only/Light Only

Adjustable Light Colors

The Community College of Baltimore County leverages ThinkLite Air’s air purification technology, including the Purilux and ICON, to maintain in-person learning and optimize attendance and enrollment with safe, healthy indoor air. Community College of Baltimore County Proactive Solutions The Purilux – Case Study

The Icon

MERV19 GRADE AIR • The TL ICON Air Healer releases air with 99.9999% of no pathogens/particulates, making it one of the most effective devices on the market. • MERV-19 grade air is the type of clean and safe air quality found in hospitals and operating rooms.

CLEAN AIR UP TO 5,000 SQ FT • 1 unit of the TL ICON Air Healer can purify the air of your large commercial space up to 5,000 square feet, or 140,000 cubic feet of air per hour.

NO IONS / OZONE • The ICON does NOT spit out any chemicals, ions, hydroxyls, or ozone into the air. • Strictly pulls in polluted air and releases clean, safe, certified MERV19 grade air into your facility.

LIMITED MAINTENANCE • This is not a typical filtration system that uses countless filters. • There are 2 filters in the device total that only need to be changed once every 2 years.

Customers Already partnering with ThinkLite Air Proactive Solutions

Awards & Recognition Proactive Solutions

America’s Rising Stars Young Entrepreneurs | 2015

America’s Fastest Growing 500 Companies | 2013

Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies | 2020

America’s Fastest Growing 5000 Companies | 2017 & 2019

Most Promising Leaders of the Future | 2011

White House Award for Leader in Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the USA | 2013

MA State Gov Baker Award for Top Immigrant Entrepreneur in MA | 2017

Top Disruptive Technologies in the US | 2011

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