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May 2018

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Fond Farewell Goodbye and Thank You

It is with mixed emotions that I announce this will be my last letter to you. My last day at Sabal Dental will be on May 25. Many patients are already aware of this transition, but I wanted to take this time to say a proper goodbye. I will never forget my first day at Sabal Dental. It will probably be the best first day I will ever have. As the new dentist, I had a pretty busy schedule, but I didn’t feel stressed out or overwhelmed. The entire team was awesome, each person lending a hand to guide me through the new environment and processes.

“One thing I will definitely miss about Sabal is this close-knit team.”

Don’t get me wrong, Harlingen holds a special place in my heart. I grew up in this area and will miss being a part of this

One thing I will definitely miss about Sabal is this close-knit team. From day

community. I’ve loved being able to support local baseball teams, hang out with co-workers that like to dress up for Halloween, and work with patients who sometimes surprise us with a homemade cake! While I’m looking forward to the fast pace of a big city and catching some Astros games, nothing will be able to replace the unique atmosphere that is Harlingen. Any sort of transition is always difficult, but I am confident that all of my patients will be well taken care of. Dr. Kassandra Gorena is an incredibly talented dentist, and as I said, the team as a whole is just amazing. The office is in great hands. It has been a pleasure to serve the Harlingen community and help so many patients enjoy long-lasting oral health and beautiful smiles. Thank you all for your support during my time with Sabal Dental. I wish you all the best of luck! – Dr. Gonzales

one, I always felt like they had my back, and I could clearly see how much they supported one another. They always make time to acknowledge each other’s accomplishments, and they even celebrate every single birthday. Every time a birthday rolled around, we would all pitch in to buy a cake and share a team lunch together. It’s uncommon to find a place where team members genuinely care about each other like that. Making the decision to leave was difficult, but ultimately, I realized it was the right thing for me. I’m moving to Houston. I haven’t lived there since I attended dental school, but recently I’ve been thinking about how much I love the city. There’s a sort of electric atmosphere that can be thrilling — if you don’t mind the traffic, of course. Plus, I’m a big sports guy, and I’m really excited to experience baseball and basketball season in a place where I can catch all the home games.

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2. Mix in 1/4 cup of glue, and stir like crazy. You’re going to doubt that this preslime mixture can possibly turn into anything,

If you’re a parent in 2018, you know how popular slime has become among the kiddos. NPR reports that the gooey stuff has become a “social media sensation” and even led to glue shortages in many areas across the country. But instead of making a traditional pile of neon goop with your child, why not upgrade it with magnetic capabilities? Make your own magnetic slime with just a few ingredients you can easily find around town.

but have faith and continue to mix. Eventually, it’ll take on that gooey slime-like texture.

3. Once the slime is a little squishy, remove it from the bowl and start mashing it with your hands. Knead and knead until the mixture is evenly distributed throughout. Don’t worry about the black juice remaining in the bowl — just mix it in as best you can. When that’s done, give your hands a good scrub. The black mess will leave a stain for a little over a day. 4. Pat the slime down to dry off excess juice. That’s the stuff that makes a mess and blackens your hands, not the slime. Now it’s ready for action! Set the slime on the countertop and get out your magnet. Your kids will be amazed by the way the thick slime reaches for the magnet, almost like some alien creature. This is the perfect opportunity to explain how magnets work. Check out the “Magnetism” page on Or just squish the slime around and see what it can do! Though it may not be as colorful as the slime you usually see, it’s definitely more interesting. It’s the perfect simple activity for a playdate with your kids this May.

What you’ll need:

• Liquid starch

• Elmer’s glue (or any white glue)

• Iron oxide powder (can be found at home improvement stores — avoid breathing it in!)

Disposable bowls

An extra-powerful neodymium magnet (check online retailers or hobby stores) 1. Start off by pouring 1/4

cup of liquid starch into a disposable bowl. Add 2

carefully measured tablespoons of iron oxide, and stir vigorously until fully mixed.

Our Patients Say It Best ...............................

“The dentist and his assistant were very good at calming me down. They were very understanding about how nervous I was. Thank you!” –Mary Ida C. “Sabal Dental provides excellent service. The staff and doctors are very friendly and knowledgeable. They also answer all your questions and try to make you feel at home.” –Joseph F.

“Excellent service. The ease of scheduling is outstanding, and the individual who attended to the payment process was superb and so patient. They explained it all thoroughly. The dental hygienist was also patient, friendly, informative, and professional. Dr. Gorena was outstanding and honest.” –Evan R.

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Managing your dental anxiety isn’t easy, but it can be done, and you don’t have to rely on sedatives to make it through an appointment, either. An easy way to minimize anxiety is to show up to your appointment on time — never early. Although this strategy might seem too simple to work, it minimizes the time you spend in the waiting room. The longer a patient sits, the more time they have to mull over any previous bad experiences, imagine things that could go wrong, or anticipate the expected discomfort. Communicate your anxiety to your dentist. Getting to know your dentist and their process can lower stress levels

No one likes going to the dentist — after all, the thought of someone else snooping around in your mouth isn’t pleasant. It’s pretty common to feel stressed at the dentist’s office, but for some people, that stress can escalate to a phobia. Dental anxiety can cause a host of dental problems. Many people who struggle with this anxiety will only visit the dentist when they absolutely need to. But rushing to the dentist due to an emergency only makes the patient’s anxiety worse. Emergency experiences are never pleasant DEALING WITH DENTAL ANXIETY Don’t Let Stress Scare You Away From the Dentist

and uncertainty, and your dentist may have suggestions on how to make you comfortable once they know how nervous you are. Talking through the procedure beforehand and afterward will help you understand what to expect and what’s already happened. Dental anxiety can make the dentist’s office seem like the worst place in the

and can add more stress to a trying situation. If someone is already nervous about going to the dentist, making an appointment for something far worse than a simple cleaning isn’t the solution. Their opinion of dentists is only going to worsen in situations like this, creating an unpleasant case for the patient and dentist.

world. But with a little confidence and a tactful approach, nobody should have to suffer from poor dental hygiene because of it.

Have a Laugh

SAUTÉED ZUCCHINI and Squash With Feta

Ingredients • 1 zucchini • 1 summer squash • 1/2 medium red onion • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

• 2 teaspoons fresh thyme • 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese • Salt and pepper to taste

Directions 1. Cut zucchini into 1/4-inch-thick semicircles. Dice onion. 2. Heat a large skillet to medium high. Add olive oil, onion, and thyme. 3. Once onion is soft (about 2 minutes), add zucchini and squash. Season with salt and pepper; cook 4–5 minutes until squash barely begins to caramelize. 4. Place in serving bowl and top with feta.

Inspired by

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Journey Page 4

The Incredible Journey of BOBBIE THE WONDER DOG

Imagine America in 1923. Yankee Stadium opened its doors for the very first time. Walt and Roy Disney founded The Walt Disney Company. The first issue of Time magazine hit newsstands. President Warren G. Harding died of a heart attack in office, and Vice President Calvin Coolidge became the 30th president. And Bobbie the Wonder Dog trekked 2,550 miles to return home. Of all the stories to come out of 1923, Bobbie’s may be the most incredible. It all started with a road trip. The Brazier family of Silverton, Oregon, decided to take a road trip to visit relatives in Wolcott, Indiana. Mom, Dad, their two daughters, and their Scotch collie piled in the family Overland Red Bird touring car and headed across preinterstate-highway-system America. Several days later, after the Braziers had settled in with their Wolcott relatives, Bobbie the Scotch collie was attacked by a pack of dogs. The dogs scared Bobbie away, and despite a long search around Wolcott, the family was unable to find any trace of the collie. The search continued throughout their stay, but time ran out, and the Braziers had to return home to Oregon without their beloved Bobbie.

What the Braziers didn’t know was that Bobbie had been searching for his family as well. He may have been scared away, but he was determined to get back home. And so began his incredible journey. He turned his head west and began walking. And walking. With winter setting in, Bobbie had a monumental task ahead.

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Bobbie swam across numerous rivers. He trekked across the Great Plains and over the Rocky Mountains. While we will never know exactly what Bobbie endured, we know he made it home. Over 2,500 miles later, in February, 1924, a tired and beaten-down pup arrived home in Silverton, Oregon, to a stunned family. Bobbie the Wonder Dog’s story made national headlines. He received a medal and the key to the city, and he became a silent movie star in the film “The Call of the West.” Today, you can visit Bobbie’s memorial near his home in Oregon.

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