Rowden House School Prospectus 2020 2021 updated September …

Enquiry Please call us for more information and to talk through your child's needs. We will arrange for you to visit the school and let your local authority contact know that you would like your child to attend the School

Referral If your Local Authority supports your request for a placement they will send us your child ’ s referral papers.

Assessment A member of our senior team will arrange to visit your child either in their current school or at home.

Visit We welcome parents and professionals to visit the school and meet staff.

Placement Offer After the assessment has taken place we report our findings to the local authority and parents, confirming if we feel a placement at the school would be suitable. If we are to offer a placement we will give details of the needs identified

To make a referral please contact: Caroline Parker, Group Referrals Manager Tel: 01332 378 840 Email:

Transition Prior to admission we will plan the young person ’ s transition with parents and professionals to ensure this is as smooth as possible.

Updated May 2020

Created September 2016

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