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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning at West Midlands Learning Campus is offered to all students and offers a fantastic opportunity for all to experience and learn in a woodland environment. The main ethos of outdoor learning is to foster learning through exploration and play. This allows the students to learn new skills but to also to discover and learn from the woodland for themselves. The students at West Midlands Learning Campus have taken ownership of the area. Since September, they have begun to clear and work within the outdoor learning area. They have developed a shelter building space where they learn to do lashing using string to tie branches together to make shelters. They have also cleared a space where they can do woodland art work and learn new skills such as tracking. Each session of outdoor learning promotes the students to explore the area by themselves through the use of different games. The area is also a natural learning environment with the pupils learning about the different flora and fauna within the area. The pupils have sourced wood from the area and used it to make different art and craft which has been sold at the school fete. The outdoor learning area is under constant development as more areas are cleared and new pathways established. This offers new and exciting opportunities for the all the students at the West Midlands Learning Campus to access.

Updated September 2020

Created September 2016

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