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Specialist Support

In addition to the rich curriculum, pupils enjoy op- portunities to participate in a wide range of extra cur- ricular activities. For example, several pupils attend regular yoga sessions and all pupils participate in art and music sessions with specialist teachers. Ofsted Education 2017

All young people have a Placement Plan with an integrated Health and Wellbeing element. This is reviewed in consultation with the Health Promotions Manager. Prior to admission all young people ’ s parents or carers are required to sign medical consent forms. A copy of the signed consent record will be kept in the young person ’ s case file. Each young person is registered with the local GP, Dentist and Opticians. If required they have access to the CAMHS service through a referral from the GP. They have further support from our consultants who work in the areas of Psychiatry, Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. We promote the use of community access for health appointments, however in the case of young people who are not ready to attend community appointments we will develop individualised health care access. This enables young people to become familiar with different locations and health professionals at their own pace. We support young people to be active and eat a healthy diet. We believe the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is an essential aspect of supporting young people ’ s physical and emotional well being.

Staff are trained in the following healthcare: • Medication • Epilepsy • Nutrition • Mental Health

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