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Every year, businesses become more reliant on the stability and security of their technology. A server crash or a data breach could end up causing a lot more than a headache for your staff and customers; it might cause you to shut your doors for good. Despite the importance of quality IT services, too many businesses still opt for the cheapest option possible. They hire “break fix” companies that only step in when something goes wrong. In essence, that method is the tech equivalent of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. In the event that something goes wrong, you’ll be scrambling to do damage control and minimize the losses. Sadly, it might be too late at that point. You wouldn’t treat any other aspect of your business this way, so why would you choose that for your network? The security of your data is far too important to be handled this way. Managed IT services, on the other hand, aren’t just there to help you clean up a mess. They ensure you don’t experience a catastrophe in the first place. When you’re shopping for the best IT service provider for your business, it’s important to remember just how much you depend on your technology to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. If your IT company can’t meet the following three requirements, it’s time to make a change. Reactive IT companies are the lowest tier of support. Good IT providers are proactive and preventative. They don’t wait for something to break to take action. Instead, they are monitoring your network no matter its perceived health and security. An IT company should know the ins and outs of your network and raise the red flag before you’re even aware that something is amiss. They should also note any potential security holes in your system and remedy them before they cause a shutdown. REQUIREMENT 1: CONSTANT MONITORING OF YOUR NETWORK


Sadly, you can’t deter every cybersecurity threat. Hackers and criminals are constantly looking for new ways to penetrate even the strongest networks. You can bet that if breaches can happen to government agencies and the world’s biggest corporations, they can also happen to you. When the worst does occur, though, you want a provider that will get to work immediately. If your network is down, every minute you spend on hold is precious. A quality managed services provider will jump on the problem right away, and because they intimately know your network, they’ll be able to find a fix a lot faster than your average company. Managed service providers don’t make their money by fixing problems. They are literally invested in the health of your network and business. It’s in the MSP’s own personal interest to establish a flawless, predictable system that is efficient and easy to work with. Over time, the MSP will implement repeatable processes to fix issues before your customers feel their effects. The health of a good provider depends on the health of your company. That’s a synergy that every business owner can get behind. Managed services, like those provided by AZCOMP, may cost a little more upfront, but they are one of the smartest investments you can make for your business. You wouldn’t opt for bargain-basement options when it comes to marketing, recruitment, or customer service. Discount IT services might seem appealing, but IT is the same as anything else: You get what you pay for! –Byron Adams REQUIREMENT 3: A REAL INVESTMENT IN YOUR COMPANY

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