Memories Kitchen To-Go is your opportunity to bring the dishes we make in our kitchen home to share with your family and friends. Perfect for graduations, family get- togethers, and dinner parties, you can now bring home a complete meal prepared by our staff. Skip the food prep and the messy kitchen. WithMemories Kitchen To-Go, you can relax and enjoy your special event. Call today and let us worry about the food, you have more important things to worry about.. Menu We offer both a full dinner option, and an option to order items ala carte. There is a 25 person minimum on all orders. We ask that you give 10 days notice on all orders. Dinners All of our dinners include your choice of Entre, Compliment (with gravy if applicable), and Vegetable. Meals also include rolls. (À la carte and per person prices are only applicable if not ordering a dinner.)


Dinner Ala Carte

$75.00 $81.25 $87.50 $100.00 $112.50 $112.50 $120.00 $187.50 $207.50 $212.50

$135.00 $141.25 $147.50 $160.00 $172.50 $172.50 $180.00 $247.50 $267.50 $272.50

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