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My history with Mometrix goes back before my first day working here. It actually starts with my wife, who started working with Mometrix in 2005 as a CPA (I didn’t start until 2009).

school. But not so fast! In 2008, I was working a sales job that took me into the field, and I was constantly on the go. That’s the year Hurricane Gustav hit the Gulf Coast. Gustav hit my company really hard, and, at the end of it all, I was going to have to take a pretty sizable pay cut to stay on board. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled about that. But I was also starting to reconsider the job itself. Before the hurricane, I was already thinking about pursuing a new job, and with the prospect of a pay cut, I knew it was time to move on.

Shortly after my wife started working for Mometrix, I was giving serious thought to going back to school to get my

master’s degree. I earned my undergrad degree in 1999 and had thought about getting my master’s degree then. I

had even taken the GRE to get ready for that next step, but life happened, and I decided to focus on my career instead.

Eventually, it got back to Mometrix that I was interested in changing things up. They called me and said they might have a job for me. At the time, the company was only selling their products online. They were ready to expand and wanted to build a team to help them do that. I was in a unique position; I had recently used their products, and now the company wanted to hire me to help them start buildling that team. My wife had already worked for

Years later, that old feeling hit. I had put off a master’s degree long enough. So, I started applying to a few schools, only to learn my GRE scores had expired. If I was going to apply for a master’s program, I was going to need to take the exam a second time.

Of course, I was a little rusty, having been out of academics for a number of years. Through my

Mometrix for a few years and had a lot of great things to say, and I already had a positive experience with their products. It was an easy decision. As someone with a background in sales, I absolutely have to believe in what I’m selling. When you have full confidence in a product, you have full confidence when you sell that product. I joined the team, and we started taking the next steps to something greater.

wife, Mometrix learned that I was thinking about returning to school and generously

offered to send me a study guide and flashcards to help me prepare. I said, “Sure, send them over.”

I was surprised at how straightforward the Mometrix material was. It cut right through the fluff. I took the GRE and scored 200 points higher than when I took the exam right after college. I was really impressed with Mometrix, and I was more than ready to get back to

–Ja y Willi s


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