Welcome Back - Opening Day 2018

JULY 25, 2018

Monroe County Community School Corporation

On behalf of the Board of School Trustees and Administrative Team, I hope you have had a rewarding and memorable summer. We thank you for an exemplary 2017-2018 school year! We continue to make school safety a top priority. In addition to the many safety protocols, plans and procedures, we have limited controlled access points, buzzer access for patrons, a corporation resource office and security officers. Since the most recent school shootings we have completed the following; • Public District-wide safety forums were held • School focused safety forums were conducted • Transportation Department conducted active shooter training • Staff are located at school entrances upon student arrival and dismissal • All schools will have limited access card readers for staff • School front entrances are being redesigned where possible to direct visitors to the office • A major grant award to emphasize social emotional learning was received • Three addition social workers are being added for social emotional well-being • A part-time clinical psychologist will be added for social emotional well-being • An additional nurse will be added to serve students’ needs • An additional resource office will be added to serve students’ needs • The Bloomington Police Department and Sheriff ’s Department officers have been given access cards for every building to expedite entry • Secondary Principals and Athletic Directors met to insure documentation of required training for coaches and extracurricular activities along with safety communication to parents. • Stop the Bleed training will be offered for additional staff. • Emergency trailer for reunification sites was equipped • Indiana School Safety Specialist training for additional staff • Study the Governor’s scanner program. We will take input regarding the Governor’s scanner program at a Community Conversation onTuesday, July 31 at the Co-Lab beginning at 6:00 p.m. We appreciate all of your dedication and efforts to keep our students and staff safe.

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