MOREHealth Research Group: more than clinical data!

MOREHealth Research Group:

more than clinical data!

Authors: Marina Borges and Luisa Lopes-Conceição Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto, Portugal

MOREHealth Research Group

To impact healthcare local and globally by producing knowledge in the following areas: healthcare M anagement , O utcomes R esearch , and health E conomics.


To enlarge the scope of comprehensiveness in cancer care!

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Impact on Healthcare

Scientific Outputs

RG based on a CCC => Strong integration with IPU’s

• Small projects to solve the needs identified by healthcare professional (e.g., Early integration of palliative care in patients with advanced or metastatic lung cancer)

National and Internal Projects


To influence stakeholders' decision-making

International Projects

• Use of RWE across the medicine's lifecycle (e.g.: natural history studies, external control arms and health technology assessments);

• Participation on international project, funded by EU program, for unlock the full potential of RWD of cancer hospitals to support decision-making in oncology drugs.


Future Directions

• Improve the quality of RWD/RWE (e.g.: OMOP CDM, … );

• Increase the number of international collaborations, including the participation in projects with EU


• Enhance the impact of research activities in decision-making and/or in clinical practice;

• Move towards Patient-Centered Outcomes Research.

Thank you!

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