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Providing Peace of Mind Helping My Clients See the Light at the End of the Tunnel

As you gain experience as an attorney, you steadily gain a firm grasp on the scope of your particular field. Though the law changes, it does so slowly and incrementally. Once you’ve dealt with the same statutes and situations over and over, you internalize a lot, meaning you’re not only a more qualified expert, but the work becomes relatively straightforward. It’s the people who keep the work interesting, whether that means dealing with the different personalities of my clients or staying abreast of whatever latest sneaky strategy the insurance adjustors are trying to pull. One of the most significant parts of my job is helping people navigate tough situations. After 10 years of practicing law, I’ve realized it’s typically the same circumstance: Somebody was injured at work and now they’re at home receiving two-thirds of their normal wage in our slanted system that’s designed to “encourage” injured workers to return to their jobs. That lost third of their paycheck is causing them to get behind on rental costs, car payments, and mortgages — adding salt to the wound, so to speak. This frustrating situation is compounded by insurance companies trying to take advantage of them.

up two weeks after the date they’re supposed to, or they’re completely missing. The law charges a 15 percent penalty on any late weekly check, but insurance adjusters will play games by sending them late, then sending two at a time, then missing the next week. They know that this will cause the client to call our office nearly every day, asking us to help them get hold of the money they need to survive. By the time we file something, the insurance companies will inevitably have already caught the client up with checks. The damage is done. The insurance companies hope that the amount of daily work we end up doing for the client will eventually tire us out, driving a wedge between the client and the attorney. It’s just one example of the lengths these people will go to save a buck. The best thing I can provide to the client is the assurance that someone competent is on their side. When they get us on their team, I do everything I can to make sure they know that my team, and I have faced these same obstacles hundreds of times before. Not only do we empathize and understand what they’re going through, we’re experts at getting them out of it. They can rest easy knowing they won’t be jerked around anymore. - William F. “Trey” Underwood, III

One of the most common and cruel actions insurance adjusters do is delay compensation checks. Either they’re late, showing

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