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June 2020



William Franchi

‘The Lawfather’ Gets Down to Business

Podcasts are more popular than ever. It seems like just about everyone has a podcast app on their phone, and every week, they listen to their favorite podcasts. It’s become the new radio. In May, I launched my own podcast: “The Lawfather Podcast.” I started the podcast as a new way to connect with people during the pandemic. It is a way to get more information out there. I talk about everything, including sports, current events, and law. I even bring all three together. The podcast is also an extension of the segments I’ve done on NBC called “Case or No Case.”You may have seen these on TV or YouTube. We turn legal cases into a game. On TV, I would bring in three “cases,” and the hosts would try to pick the real case. On the podcast, I do something similar, but instead of talking with a TV personality, I’m talking with a guest. I bring in three “cases,” and my guest tries to determine the real one. Then, I talk about the case and why it became a genuine case while the other two stories did not. I also bring in listener questions. A lot of people have legal questions that they can’t find the answers to — or they don’t know where to look. “The Lawfather Podcast” is the place to look. If you have questions, you are welcome to send them my way.

Todd of the University of Tampa,” I was joined by my guest, Keith Todd, UT’s vice president for development and university relations. We talked about the college being shut down and what that means for students and the community. I also talked about litigation around the coronavirus because the amount of litigation is growing every day.

In the second episode, titled “Part 1 on Kobe Bryant Wrongful Death Lawsuit” (which continues into a second episode), I talked about the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and eight others. There was a recent lawsuit that claims Bryant and all the passengers were at fault and negligent in the crash. In the podcast, I dig deep and explain why the deceased are being blamed for the crash and what it means from a legal standpoint. It’s a topic people have a lot of opinions about. Going forward, there is still a lot to talk about. I encourage you to check out the podcast on your favorite podcast app. Simply search “The Lawfather Podcast” or “William Franchi” on your podcast app. If you can’t find it, let me know— it just might not be on that service yet. And again, if there are any legal questions you have that you would like answered on “The Lawfather Podcast,” don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us or shoot us a message on Twitter ( TheLawfatherTpa) or Instagram (!

Right now, we’re only a handful of episodes in, but we’ve had a lot of fun with it. The inaugural episode went up on May 11. Titled “Keith

“I started the podcast as a new way to connect with people during the pandemic. It is a way to get more information out there.”

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