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J uly 2019

W e ’ re in the L iberation B usiness Remove the Burdens That Weigh You Down

T he Fourth of July is a time to celebrate independence and remember how hard our Founding Fathers and the citizens of the United States fought for our freedom. During this time, I can’t help but think of the work we do here at the Manely Firm. We often say that we’re in the independence business because we help our clients take back the freedom they’ve lost by lifting some of their burdens. One way we do this is by guiding our clients through the difficult and emotionally draining process of divorce. Even though they may appear similar, each divorce is different. Sometimes, the situation can be dire and devastating, especially for individuals who had no plans for the marriage to end. However, for many others, it’s a liberating life event. No matter which side you’re on, it’s a truly horrible circumstance to be married to someone who you don’t want to be married to or to someone who doesn’t want to be married to you. If the divorce team focuses on helping rather than harming, the process of the divorce itself can improve lives. Old bridges can be spared and new bridges can be built. And after the divorce is over, the parties can feel lighter and happier because they get to live the life they desire. Many people will blossom post-divorce because it opens a whole new door for them. In some relationships, one person suppresses the other. Maybe one person wants to get into painting, but their spouse advises them against it for

whatever reason, and they never pursue the hobby. After they divorce, there’s no telling what the aspiring painter can do now that there’s no one to limit their potential. They get to fulfill their dreams because they don’t have a spouse holding them back. We’ve also handled thousands of divorces that involve children. While it’s never ideal for a child to witness their parents’ divorce, it’s often the best-case scenario, especially if the parents are constantly arguing and fostering a tense and negative environment in the household. A divorce can also give each parent the freedom to improve their relationship with their child because there’s no unhealthy marriage to distract them. After the divorce, each parent has the opportunity to be more involved in their kid’s life and take them to baseball games, encourage them to sign up for a ballet class, or give them the motivation to join a soccer team, for example. In these situations, we do everything possible to help our clients. Often, the first step to take is to recognize whether or not a divorce is necessary, and it’s one of the first areas we cover at the Manely Firm: We work with our client to make sure they are ready for a divorce. Once that threshold is crossed, our next goal is to ensure a better future for both parties and any children who are involved. Even though it can be an unpleasant process to go through, the results of a divorce can be extremely positive. On a larger scale, think of our history and the Revolutionary War, when America decided to break away from Great

Britain to gain freedom. It was difficult and, for many revolutionaries, sad to cut their ties with their birth country, but it led to a brighter future. Today, the United States is the greatest country in the world. Deciding to fight for your own freedom will open a new chapter in your life where you can find yourself and explore new activities to better your life overall. This year, make your best effort to recognize and celebrate the freedoms you have, enjoy, and deserve in your life. –Michael Manely


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