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JULY 2020

Be Roadworthy This Summer Tips and Tricks for Driving Across the Country

As we head into July, it’s time to see all the scenery America has to offer, which means plenty of road trips. But before you set off on your next long haul, it’s best to assume that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This is why it’s imperative to plan out every part of your adventure. Here are some road trip tips that I want to ensure you know. Before jumping on the road, walk around your vehicle and thoroughly check it out. If you see a rearview mirror askew or a taillight with a dim bulb, address those things before venturing off. It’s the little things that can make a significant impact in less-than-optimal weather conditions. Then, check your tires for nails or debris that could puncture the tread. After that, check the air pressure and tread depth of each tire. As the weather gets warmer, the air becomes less dense, increasing the tire pressure, which can lead to a blowout. Balding on your tires increases the risk of skidding when you need to stop. A rule of thumb for tire tread is this: If your tread is half the diameter of a penny, you’re good to go. Finally, check for streaks on your windshield when you use your wipers. The last thing you want is to realize that you need new wipers during a rainstorm. During the drive, make sure to monitor your phone use. Don’t check your phone while you’re driving. Save your missed calls and texts for gas stops. If you receive something important, you have the time to address it without distracting yourself from the road. If you rely on your phone for its map app, go hands-free by using Bluetooth and an attachment that sticks to your dashboard. This way, your eyes won’t veer off the road as you check road instructions. When using a map app, put in your destination before leaving your house. Since you never know

when you’ll lose service, it’s essential to pack a road atlas with you to ensure you don’t get lost. Additionally, it helps to print out all your driving instructions. It’s also important to know where all your gas stops are. Most map apps will have gas stations noted, but it never hurts to already have them highlighted on your map or written instructions. If you’re traveling through the Midwest, start looking for a gas station before you reach a quarter tank of gas. In our area, gas stations are everywhere. But as you go further west on the highway, you will start to see them every 30–60 miles instead of every 20 miles.

you’re traveling to. Some areas experience extreme summertime weather conditions like high temperatures and flooding from rainstorms. Weather reports or predictions will also give you an idea of what clothes to pack and what to include in your roadside safety kit. A basic roadside safety kit should include NEOSPORIN, aspirin, bandages, and flashlights. Depending on the weather, include water and a few extra blankets to ensure you’re ready for anything. Do you have any additional road trip tips? Let me know next time you’re in the office! I’m always eager to learn new and fun road trip ideas.

-David Mann

Since we’re in the heart of summer, double- check weather reports for every area | 1

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