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E nvironmental E ngineering By Gary Brown, RT Environmental Services, Inc. Redevelopment picking up in 2014


igns are all around us that increased interest in industrial proper-

which even five to ten years ago, was not conceivable. An interesting phenomenon that is expected to occur and affect the real estate market, is that many big industrial tracts have been broken up, or, for other reasons, are no longer available for in- dustrial development. This could mean that there will be more interest in Brownfields sites, because there remain a significant number of large Brownfields sites through- out Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, which with careful attention to redevelopment,

and cooperation of environ- mental agencies, could be re- developed more quickly than

strongest areas of business. We are working on steel man- ufacturing sites near Pitts-

major player in Pennsylvania in beneficial materials reuse, and it excites us that benefi- cial use possibilities can now move, potentially, to another major business sector. Gary Brown is president of RT Environmental Ser- vices, Inc., and his firm has been working closely with realtors, for more than 25 years. His firm, RT Environmental Services, focuses on the latest busi- ness trends, so as to be able to help redevelop proper- ties, which is in everyone’s best interest. n

ties will soon be upon us. Less expen- sive energy coming from the Marcel- l u s S h a l e Gas , al ong w i t h o i l brought in

“RT has always been a major player in Pennsylvania in beneficial materials reuse, and it excites us that beneficial use possibilities can now move, potentially, to another major business sector.”

“Greenfield” sites, which can sometimes also be more con- troversial and take more time to obtain permits to proceed with redevelopment. We at RT are excited about future Brownfields redevelop- ment opportunities, as Brown- fields projects are one of our

burgh and industrial sites in New Jersey. We are also seeing more work for Marcel- lus Shale clients, including examination of opportunities to reduce the materials from drilling activities, which oth- erwise have to go into land- fills. RT has always been a

Gary Brown

allowing our Philadelphia regional refineries to flourish, could herald an industrial pickup ahead. Industrial real estate expan- sion may not be confined to the western part of Pennsyl- vania; there has been more than $100,000,000 in invest- ment development in a former PECO rail yard, which had been used for coal storage at a power plant, but which now has been refurbished for mov- ing petroleum liquids from rail cars to barges, and vice versa. Lower energy costs always put industrial companies at an advantage, and cause in- dustries to favor locations where they can gain a finan- cial advantage over their com- petitors. Low energy prices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey had slipped away, as we were reliant on mideast oil, but now, all of that has changed. A recent Philadelphia In- quirer article even highlighted the national debate which has ensued, questioning whether ethanol is a wise energy choice for our nation, as compared to petroleum and Marcellus gas. The question is on the table because a large amount of petroleum is used to make ethanol and ethanol has also been accused of being a funda- mental problem causing high corn costs, causing more hun- gry people, when the world is considered as a whole. Many of the energy subsi- dies considered by the United States in the past to help promote “greener” fuels, were conceived at a time when it was thought that energy prices would continue to rise, and the fuels which were be- ing used would continue to dwindle in availability. That has all changed, as the United States is well on the way to becoming self-sufficient. With fuel conversions toward natu- ral gas, the United States has been able to post significant reductions in greenhouse gas- ses leading to global warming,

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