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Award from the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) BRAVO! receives industry’s highest safety award for 2013 B RAVO! Group Servic- es , a privately-held facil- ity support companies

cation from our entire team lead by our director of safety & training, Kathy Trivino and supported by our regional man- agers, site managers, directors and front line supervisors and employees has a major impact on the day to day operating of our company” said Frank Wardzinski , BRAVO!’s chief operating officer. Always believing in safety first, in 2007 BRAVO! rein- vested in its safety & training programs, which included hir- ing a dedicated director of safety & training, undergoing a third party audit of its policies and

procedures and establishing a safety committee. In 2014, BRAVO! created a new safety & training manager position to ensure the company maintains its impressive safety record as they continue to grow. The company continues to name “Safety Stars”, an award that recognizes employees who ex- emplify their safety credo. “Receiving BSCAI’s Safety Award for a fourth time brings our entire team an immense sense of accomplishment and we take great pride in each and every employee who helped us achieve this level of safety,”

said Trivino. “It has always been our priority to foster a culture of safety in which every employee is empowered and accountable to make their job a safer one. The personal commit- sash cross-sections and acces- sory prototypes. Outfitted with window hard- ware and subcomponents (such as screws, balances, latches, locks and weatherstripping), the 3-D printed plastic models can be mated with actual vinyl continued from page 6B

ment and active participation in our BRAVO! Safety Program, from the highest level in our management team to first line employees is represented in this award.” n and aluminum components to determine suitable fit and functionality. Any mistakes or oversights can be easily deter- mined, the design altered and new inexpensive 3-D models made. The process is repeated as necessary until everything is perfected and optimized, then the expensive actual production tooling dies are cut. Besides reducing the product development cycle times, 3-D printing saves time formanufac- turing, allowingproduction steps to be analyzed and refined as the actual fabrication and assembly procedures are worked through. With 3-D printing technology, Crystal has been able to expand its in-house engineering capabili- ties, and develop complex frame andcomponent prototypedesigns thatwouldbedifficult to evaluate and test by traditional methods. Current 3-D printing technol- ogy is significantly less expensive and smaller thanearlier versions and can accommodate a variety of materials for model building. Therefore, Crystal is consider- ing to expand investment in the next generation of 3-D printing technology that will allow metal models in addition to plastic to be created. Plastic models pres- ent different physical properties than metal ones, and with new 3-Dprinting equipment utilizing metalmaterial, Crystal would be able to more accurately replicate how metal components will fit together, snap or slide into place. The new 3-D metal printing ca- pability would enable Crystal to more effectively coordinate with its production operation and its aluminumextrusion subsidiary. Last year, Crystal’s aluminum subsidiary Crystal Extrusions invested in 3-D printing and is now also planning additional investments in this technology. “Wedoa lot of customdesignalu- minum extrusion for customers in all types of industries,” said Tom Ziegler , vice president of Crystal Extrusions. “Our 3-D printing allows us to test out designs before incurring sig- nificant tooling costs to produce a specific customer’s extrusion. It also helps our customers better visualize their finished products.” n

in the country, announced the Building Service Contrac- tors Association Interna- tional (BSCAI) has awarded BRAVO! the esteemed 2013 BSCAI Safety Award for large employers. The award marks the fourth year out of the past five in which BRAVO! has re- ceived the industry’s highest safety award. “This represents a significant commitment to our culture of supporting employee safety each and every day. The dedi-

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