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Part of a White-House initiative with the EPA to reduce emissions of HFCs Lapolla and other global manufacturer/ retailers to reduce green-house emissions


the Administration is announc- ing a set of executive actions to continue progress in reducing HFC emissions. HFCs, factory-made gases used in air conditioning and refrigeration, are one of the strongest greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and are up to 10,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Unless we act now, U.S. HFC emissions are expected to nearly double by 2020 and triple by 2030. When the President launched his Climate Action Plan last year, he pledged to leverage new opportunities to reduce HFCs.

U.S. industry is leading theway in helping fulfill that pledge by investing millions of dollars to develop and deploy the next generation of safer HFC alter- natives, and by incorporating climate-friendly technologies into the cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, foams and other products they manufacture and use. Today’s commitments and actions demonstrate significant U.S. leadership and build on progress made earlier in the Administration. This summer, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed two new rules

under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program that would smooth transition to climate-friendly alternatives toHFCs, including by expanding the list of accept- able alternatives and limiting use of some of themost harmful HFCs where lower risk alterna- tives are available. And on the international stage, the U.S. and China agreed last year to work together to phase down the consumption and produc- tion of HFCs, and G-20 leaders followed by expressing their own support for an HFC phase down. n

apolla, a manufacturer and global distributor of spray foam insula- tion and reflective roof

tions. That’swhy, today, theAd- ministration is announcing new private sector commitments and executive actions to reduce emissions of hydroflourocar- bons (HFCs), powerful green- house gases that contribute to climate change. The commit- ments made would reduce cu- mulative global consumption of these greenhouse gases by the equivalent of 700millionmetric tons of carbon dioxide through 2025, equivalent to 1.5% of the world’s 2010 greenhouse gas emissions and the same as tak- ing nearly 15million cars off the road for 10 years. In addition,

Pars Environ- mental welcomes Wayne Wittman ROBBINSVILLE, NJ — Kiran Gill , president of PARS Environmental, Inc ., an- The Obama Administration is committed to taking respon- sible steps to slow the effects of climate change so we leave behind a cleaner, more stable environment for future genera- coating technology, announced that it commits to transition- ing its entire product line of foamand coating systems to no longer use high-GWP HFCs by 2016. Lapolla will also provide more than 18 seminars on the importance of eliminating high-GWP HFCs from the en- vironment. Lapolla is part of a white- house initiative with the EPA and other global manufactur- ers/retailers to reduce green- house emissions using the latest industry technology. for generating new business throughout the company’s envi- ronmental, energy, and health and safety divisions. Wittman has enjoyed an ex- tensive career in the energy and environmental sectors, having previously worked for over 34 years as a scientific researcher at PSEG, responsible for devel- oping new products and tech- nologies centering on operational improvements for nuclear and fossil generating plants, envi- ronmental, health and safety, as well as electric and gas util- ity operations. His most recent projects have focused on electric andnatural gas vehicle transpor- tation, energy storage, solar, and energy efficiency. “I am pleased to welcome Wayne to our team at PARS,” said Gill. “Wayne’s deep roots in the energy industry and experi- ence with state government are tremendous assets to our firm, especially as we embark on new projects and developing technolo- gies in the energy industry. ” n Wayne Wittman nounced the appointment o f Wa y n e Wittman as a bus i nes s development manager. In this role, Wit- tman will be responsible

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