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Principal of company for over 25 years MetroCommercial’s Londres one of 15 Power Brokers


with a transaction value of over $4.8 billion. When Tom was asked “why are you a successful broker?” he answered “Without hesitation, the word that comes to mind is relationships. Above market knowledge, accreditations, accomplishments, and imple- mentation of best practices, personal relationships are the cornerstone of success in this business and remain the most important thing in our lives. Learn how to develop good per- sonal relationships and you’ll be on the road to becoming a successful broker.” n

veloped from hundreds of nominations by retailers and real estate brokerage firms. The 15 power brokers were selected based on number of retail real estate transactions in 2013, the dollar value of those transactions, and overall reputation in the industry. A principal of Metro Commer- cial for over 25 years, Tom, has worked with national retailers including Target, PetSmart, Dave & Buster’s and many others to develop their real estate programs. He has over 1,100 career retail transac- tions, over 21 billion s/f leased

ount Laurel, NJ — Metro Com- mercial Real Es-

Tom Londres t a t e , I nc . a nn o un c e d t h a t T om Londres has been select- ed as one of Chain Store Ag e ma g a - zine’s 15 pow- er brokers for 2014. The inaugural list was de- RE-Visioning the mall: A Martin . . . continued from page 2C A high end grocer and several junior and large box retailers complement the boutique style retailers. The current phasing will include high-density resi- dential. The planned revision to the Granite Run Mall in Media, PA looks to reinvigorate an enclosed star shaped mall that includes three anchors. Our concept was simple: split the building open to reveal outdoor circulation, provide better walking connec- tions, and a more usable park- ing field. Some of the anchors may shift to smaller footprints to maintain viability, and make room for more diversity on site. The addition of 450 multi-family apartments to the outer circula- tion ring will allow for on-site patrons and increased revenue for the developer. Sometimes all a site may need is the introduction of new uses around the perimeter or the replacement of one or more failed anchors with these uses. If created properly, zones of varying uses can create a new vitality by introducing captive patrons in the form of full time apartment dwellers or office goers and professional service providers and their clients, along with new dining options for these users. The addition of high density multi-family resi- dential is often a key component to the re-invigoration of a site. The Martin Architectural Group enjoys the opportunity and challenge of taking a failed or underperforming site and transforming it into a new, vibrant and functioning part of the societal fabric of a com- munity. Each project is unique, garnering its own vocabulary and style, and requiring a dedi- cated eye for realizing its true potential. Drew Romanic is an asso- ciate principal at TheMartin Architectural Group, P.C. n

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We’re looking for sites in PA End Cap, In-line, Free Standing Flexible Space Requirements   Retail Opportunities Needed Consistently Ranked #1 Franchise - 45+ Y ear T rack Record

Non-Traditional Venues - Hospitals/Colleges Universities/B&I/Stadiums/Casinos/Airports

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