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High quality thermal inspection that covers 100% The Danish innovative drone-tech pioneer Drone Systems is a leading expert within high tech and high-quality thermal inspection of district heating networks. Building on strong technical knowhow, advanced drones and radiometric orthophotography, Drone Systems can map out the conditions of an entire district heating network. Even networks that are located in very difficult environments and impassable terrain. This means that Drone Systems due to their specialized drone- based technology can deliver a 100% thermal coverage and show the full picture of a district heating network. Whereas traditional on-ground inspection methods (handheld or car-mounted infrared camera) only cover around 50-70%. On top of providing full visibility of an entire network, Drone Systems also deliver with a greater precision. In fact, Drone Sys- tems can localize leaks and points of interest with an accuracy of less than one meter. Even with minor leaks on return pipes. Teraplan: A unique web-based platform The professional drone pilots bring back thousands of thermal orthographic images from the field. These big data images are analysed, categorized, and processed in Teraplan – a unique cloud-based platform that Drone Systems has developed directly for and together with the district heating sector. Teraplan translates the many images into an interactive aggregated mosaic map with full overview of the network pipelines. This holistic and super precise heat map gives the heating company an easy and completely customized over- view of all potential leaks and hotspots to be aware of in their entire network. One platform that solves many problems The orthographic images from the drone cameras are loaded with information. Where traditional static reports only could bring a heating company a snapshot of a few selected view- points, Teraplan is a dynamic tool that brings full transparency and certainty. In addition to serving a complete visual over- view, Teraplan also divides all points of interest into categories

including information about critical hotspots and temperature measurements.

With the Teraplan platform a district heating company gets a smart and precise tool, not only for immediate identification and localization of current leaks. But also for long term strate- gic planning and prioritization of maintenance and repairs. If the heating company engages in annual inspections, the plat- form is also set up for monitoring development and changes over time. No matter what part of the pipeline network the heating company wants to focus on. The effectiveness of Teraplan is closely connected to the user- centric and co-creative mindset at Drone Systems. The com- pany focuses all their innovative power on the specific needs and wishes that are fed back from their customers. Meaning that all systems and the constant improvements of them are directly targeted and up to date with the challenges in the district heating sector. Operating with accuracy – all over the world Drone Systems is founded in Denmark and builds on Danish high-tech knowhow. But the company serve customers and deliver thermal drone inspections of district heating networks all over the world. Drone Systems operate in all types of land- scapes and terrain – even in apparently inaccessible places, and often in collaboration with local professional drone pilots. The global awareness of Drone Systems’ platform and services speak about a strong and unified need across the district heating industry: To work more focused and efficiently on reducing heat loss. This is exactly what Drone Systems can help the industry deliver on. So far, Drone Systems has successfully inspected more than 6,500 km (4,039 miles) of district heating network pipelines. During this work Drone Systems has identified and localized more than 400 leaks, 350 emerging leaks, and 800 components that were all causing serious losses of heat – and thereby negative impact on both economy and climate.

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