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Carbon capture how it's done at ARC

By Nils Thor Rosted, Head of Communication, ARC

A new ground-breaking project can remove 500.000 tons of the CO 2 emitted fromAmager Ressource Center (ARC) annually from late 2025. This will serve as significant support for the Municipality of Copenhagen’s visionary ambition of becoming the world’s first CO 2 -neutral capital by 2025. Additionally, the project will innovate the capture process by reharvesting the residual heat from the process and turn it into district heating, thus lowering the overall costs of the process.

The incineration of the residual waste leads to unavoidable CO 2 emissions. The WtE sector can substantially contribute to decarbonizing the European economy by implementing CCS on WtE plants while creating green jobs and green growth. Pilot carbon capture at ARC The flue gas cleaning process at ARC is one of the best in the world. Almost all toxic flue gas components are being removed in the cleaning process. This means that nearly only steam and CO 2 are emitted into the atmosphere. ARC is determined to take the flue gas cleaning to the next level by implementing carbon capture. The goal is to capture 500.000 tons of the CO 2 emitted annually by late 2025.

Scientists agree that we need to reduce the amount of CO 2 in the atmosphere. This is possible when capturing and storing CO 2 . The IPCC, the European Commission, and the IEA consider deploying Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) at a large scale as a crucial and necessary means to solving the climate crisis. CCS is vital to reaching the goal of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming below 2, preferably 1,5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels. One of the many tools to handle the climate crisis is reducing the total amount of waste produced. But as a society, we need to address the residual waste which cannot be reused or recycled. This is done in a good way at Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants, where the residual waste is being turned into electricity and district heating. At ARC, we supply electricity for 80.000 households and district heating for 90.000 apartments.

On June 24th, Danish Minister for Climate, Energy, and Utilities,

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