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Well, most of the kids are back to school, and the days are getting a bit shorter as we move into fall. As much as I enjoy summer, I’m eager to enjoy some cooler weather and nice quiet evenings! It’s been a busy season. In addition to a busy time at the office, at the end of July, I took a group of folks to CRE’s original production written by and starring military vets, called “Marching On.” We were blown away. The strength and vulnerability displayed by the actors — wow. I’m already looking forward to CRE’s next show. They do an incredible job every time. Now I’m ready to use this next season to look at how we can better serve our clients and get back into organization mode. It’s a good time of year to do that — to get organized and evaluate how everything is going in your life. It’s an especially good time to review your estate plan. Or if you haven’t created one yet, it’s a good time to initiate it. With your summer vacations wrapped up, take some time to sit down with your loved ones and talk about your estate plan. There are at least three important things you’ll want to think about when it comes to your estate plan. One, who are the members of the family who need to be protected or remembered in estate planning? Two, who are the key people who would be backups for you or the individual trust maker? There are a number of important roles to consider for this question, including successor and medical

trustees. Three, who are your beneficiaries? During an estate planning meeting, we’ll go over each of these questions with you and see that everything is covered. You’ll want to give these questions some thought. Remember, you are creating a safety net for your family and ensuring that your assets aren’t left to the state instead of going to your children. It’s very important to carefully consider each designation, especially if any dynamics have changed in your family since you first made your estate plan. You’ll probably want to talk them over with your spouse and consider what is the best fit for you. This isn’t just about wealth. An estate plan is part of the legacy that you will leave behind for your loved ones. There is an

emotional aspect to estate planning, and we do provide Kleenex. We understand that we’re asking you to think about your family after you’re gone. As part of the plan, you will write a letter to be included that your family will have after you're gone. These are words they will treasure, and you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve put everything in place to give them secure futures. Whether you need to revisit your estate plan or create one for the first time, give us a call this month, and we’ll be happy to guide you through this process. While it’s a busy time for us, we will always make room for you. –Arthur J. Swerdloff


www.lawwithasmile.com • 310-577-9104

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