ELAS Training Brochure

MEDIATION AWARENESS Mediation is a cost effective solution to potential grievances and employment tribunals. Our mediation training course informs delegates about this alternative process including both formal and informal mediation.  Managers/supervisors  Half day MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS Our mental health awareness course has been designed to increase delegates' awareness of mental health issues. See page 16 for our Mental Health First Aid training.  All employees  Half/full day

MOCK TRIBUNAL AWARENESS Our mock tribunal enables delegates to gain first hand experience of what to expect if they were ever faced with an employment tribunal. Delegates will also get the chance to participate within our mock tribunal.  Managers/supervisors/HR professionals  Full day PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AWARENESS Our performance management awareness training course provides delegates with the knowledge needed to effectively and positively manage the performance of their employees.  Managers/supervisors  Half day

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