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REDUNDANCY AWARENESS No one likes tomake redundancies, however unfortunately they do happen. Our redundancy awareness training course has been designed for managers and supervisors who are tasked with making redundancies and provides themwith the knowledge needed to correctly carry out the redundancy process.  Managers/supervisors  Half day SEXUAL HARASSMENT AWARENESS Over 50%of women and 20%of men have been sexually harassed at work, and with the 'MeToo' movement still going strong it's vital your company has zero tolerance towards sexual harassment. Our sexual harassment awareness course aims to raise the awareness of sexual harassment within your workplace as well as providing you with the knowledge and tools to identify, approach and handle any sexual harassment claims your companymay face.  Managers/employees  Half day

Our probation and employment law review training course provides delegates with confidence to conduct probationary reviews, employment reviews and dismissals appropriately and confidently.  Managers/supervisors  Half day RECRUITMENT AWARENESS It is vital that you recruit employees with talent who will complement and enhance your business. Our recruitment awareness training course provides all delegates with the skills necessary to help you recruit and retain compatible employees.  Managers/supervisors  Half day

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