ELAS Training Brochure

NO TWO BUSINESSES ARE EVER THE SAME AND YOUR TRAINING SHOULD REFLECT THIS Whether you're a start up or have over 200 sites across the UK; take full advantage of working with the ELAS Group. With over 30 years experience and multiple awards under our belt, we don't just follow standards; we set them. Unleash your team's potential and tap into our network of expert trainers.

BLENDED LEARNING Combine the benefits of classroom training and e-learning courses with a training programme that utilises both. As well a being proven to dramatically increase the retention of newly acquired knowledge, blended learning is ideal for getting teams in fast paced working environments up to speed quickly and effectively. Whether you want to build on your e-learning with face to face training or supplement your existing training with refresher content; the flexible nature of blended learning is here to work for you.

BESPOKE TRAINING COURSES Pick and choose content most relevant to you from our extensive library of training and e-learning content modules and build your own bespoke course. Work alongside our experts and craft a bespoke training solution that's built around your company's procedures, all whilst still complying with industry standards and training accreditations.

Interested? Get in touch with our team today to discuss creating a bespoke or blended e-learning experience that works perfectly alongside your company's processes, procedures and personality.

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