ELAS Training Brochure

ABRASIVEWHEELS AWARENESS Our abrasive wheels training course provides delegates with the knowledge to safely store, select andmount abrasive wheels and discs onto portable

BANKSMAN AWARENESS The main cause of transport accidents in the workplace are from people falling off, being struck or crushed by vehicles. As a banksman it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of vehicles, their drivers, yourself, fellow colleagues and pedestrians. Our banksman awareness training course will provide delegates with the knowledge to safely manoeuvre vehicles in an area where there is risk - this includes people and structural risks.  Banksmen  Half day COSHH AWARENESS Hazardous substances can affect anyone within the workplace regardless of how little you handle them. Our COSHH awareness course will provide delegates with the knowledge of the health risks around hazardous substances and what they can do to mitigate the risk.  All who work with hazardous substances  Half day DRIVING FORWORK AWARENESS Driving for work is one of the most dangerous tasks your employees may undertake. Our driving for work training course will help ensure delegates are fully aware of the risks associated with driving as well as their health & safety responsibilities.  All who drive for work  Half day

and benchmountedmachines.  All who use abrasive wheels

 Half day

ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION AWARENESS Our accident investigation training provides delegates with a broad understanding of the principles and practice of accident investigation. This includes the five stages of accident investigation: reporting, gathering information, analysing information, identifying risk control measures and action planning and implementation.  Managers/supervisors  Half day ASBESTOS MANAGEMENT AWARENESS It is a legal requirement that those who may come across asbestos in their day to day work have been provided with asbestos training. Our asbestos management training course provides delegates with the introductory knowledge needed to confidently meet this legal requirement.  All who could have contact with Asbestos regularly  Half day

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