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ASBESTOS AWARENESS Our asbestos awareness e-learning course will provide awareness of the diseases caused by exposure to asbestos, list some of the likely uses and locations for asbestos products in buildings and to teach delegates how to avoid the risks. ABRASIVEWHEELS AWARENESS Our abrasive wheels e-learning course will teach learners everything they need to know about the everyday dangers posed by abrasive wheels and the steps needed to protect them self and those around them. COSHH AWARENESS Our COSHH e-learning course introduces all delegates to the inherent risks in substances and the controls available to reduce these risks. DISPLAY SCREEN EQUIPMENT AWARENESS Our DSE e-learning course should be integral tomost businesses and educates delegates on the health & safety issues around the use of DSE and working


This introduction to environmental management awareness e-learning course looks at the main issues that face businesses in their attempts to better manage environmental risks. It helps employees to understand the part they can play in lessening their impact on the environment. LEVEL 1 HEALTH & SAFETY Our level 1 health & safety course provides a simple overview of key legislation, safety management processes, risk assessments and prevention. LEVEL 2 HEALTH & SAFETY Our level 2 health & safety course has been designed to provide delegates with a basic understanding of key health & safety issues as well as their responsibilities. LEVEL 3 HEALTH & SAFETY Our level 3 health & safety course builds on the content of our level 2 course and provides users with a thorough overview of key health & safety issues. MANUAL HANDLING AWARENESS Our manual handling e-learning course will provide users with an understanding of how to correctly handle objects in the workplace.

practices that can help avoid injury. DRIVING FORWORK AWARENESS

As an employer you have a legal responsibility to manage the road safety of all staff driving for work to ensure others are not put at risk by their driving. This e-learning course increases delegates’ awareness of how their driving behaviour can affect safety.

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