ELAS Training Brochure

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT AWARENESS Conflict within the workplace can be detrimental to workplace morale and productivity. Our conflict management training course helps managers and supervisors effectively manage and resolve conflict within the workplace, preventing the potential escalation to a formal grievance or

DISABILITY AWARENESS FOR TEAMMEMBER Under the Equality act 2010 all employees should be treated fairly and be given the same opportunities as each other regardless of race, gender and disability. Our disability awareness training course will help delegates understand what constitutes as a disability as well as exploring the associated opportunities and challenges.  Managers/supervisors/employees  Half day DISCRIMINATION AWARENESS Every person has at least 5 protected characteristics. Our workplace discrimination training course educates delegates as to what is discrimination and how they can actively help reduce it within the workplace.  Managers/supervisors  Half day

employment tribunal.  Managers/supervisors

 Half day

DATA PROTECTION AWARENESS The Data Protection Act is a vital piece of legislation and is applicable to all business. Our data protection training course introduces delegates to the importance of the Act and how to comply with it.  All employees  Half day

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