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Our staff has so much passion that they carry it with them even outside the clinic. We have a great cast of characters, and every once in a while, we love to showcase what exactly they’re so passionate about. Meet Aprill and Steve Siegel. Aprill is a billing manager here at Maximum Solutions, and when she’s not at the clinic, she loves to raise Texas Longhorns! The couple specializes in raising Texas Longhorn cattle for breeding stock, as well as selling all different cuts of grass- fed, lean longhorn beef, eggs, and farm- raised pork. Their adventure at Moon Phase Ranch began in August 2014. It was an unexpected adventure that has grown into a passion and lifestyle. The Siegels never planned this, but when their son went off to college, life gave them some unexpected challenges. Aprill and Steve’s son left for college in August 2012, and it was quite an adjustment for them. They didn’t know what to do with themselves. They were

always busy with their jobs, but as I’m sure every parent knows, the extreme change in family life was difficult. They tried date nights and taking on general hobbies, but there was still a void.

quickly, and the longhorns loved them so much that they would come from the other end of the pastures at the sound of Aprill and Steve’s voices for one- on-one, hand-fed treats. They became the couples’ stress relief, their peaceful retreat. The Siegels joked very early on in this adventure that they wanted to try to own one longhorn of every color. Aprill and Steve love when they can go out in the field and lay with their cows and even hug them. Their son is now married with a child of his own on the way. At first, he thought his parents were a little crazy taking on this new “adventure,” but now, even he has seen how much these majestic creatures have enriched their lives for the better. If you’re ever interested in Texas Longhorns or want to try any of the Siegel's delicious longhorn beef, eggs, or farm-raised pork, be sure to bug Aprill next time you’re at the clinic or feel free to visit them at the ranch, located at 109 Wicks Lane, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania . She loves talking about her love of Texas Longhorns and is always eager to answer any questions!

After their son’s second year in college, Aprill and Steve happened upon a gentleman who was in the process of moving and had a herd of cattle he needed to sell. They have always owned and loved animals, but only the typical pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, and fish. Upon meeting with this gentleman, they fell in love with the majestic cattle. The next day, they decided to purchase a small herd of Texas Longhorns, and the couple never looked back. Within six months, they moved onto that same farm and continued to grow their newly purchased herd family. All their stressful workdays ended with nights in the field with their newfound babies.

The cattle had never known the love that the Siegels offered them. They bonded

– Dora Godnig and Cara Sadowski

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