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Many Fitness Professionals Don’t Want You to Know THE HIDDEN SECRETS

piece of equipment, then it will definitely help me. How much is it? Over a hundred dollars … no problem.’ You put in your credit card and voila. It comes in the mail seven weeks later because it was not immediately available. “What everyone that purchased this piece of fitness equipment didn’t know is that Brooke was marketing this piece of equipment for the ‘New Celebrity Apprentice’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Brooke had never used this product before. She may have used a slide board, but this was a prototype that she selected to market for the show out of five or six other fitness equipment pieces the day of the infomercial. She was marketing it for charity. The facts remain — this was not a piece of equipment she used every day for the last few months or years. “For the last two decades I’ve been training clients. Many of my clients are in their 50-60s and often have some type of past or current injury or limited range of motion. It’s collateral damage over time unless they have mindfully been doing healthy movement training. When one of my clients sits down with me for our strategy session, I point out the key areas we’ll need to focus on to create change. Easy and quick is not part of the program.” “Born to Move” is available on Amazon and can help give anyone a better understanding of how to move to see better, sustainable results.

I recently released my book “Born to Move” and have spent some time promoting it on a local book tour. After two decades as a trainer, I’ve worked with thousands of people and have come to learn that people want to get in shape. But the popular high-intensity, group boot camps can do more harm than good when they ignore how some people’s bodies are meant to move. Through my

experience, I’ve developed specific techniques and commonalities that can help people be fit and pain-free again, at any age. The following is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of “Born to Move.” This chapter is called “The Hidden Secrets Many Fitness Professionals Don’t Want You to Know.” “Picture beautiful supermodel Brooke Burke-Charvet: brunette, long, lean, and vibrant. She is talking to the camera during a nice day somewhere in California. She is showcasing a slide board piece of fitness equipment and easily demonstrating how to use it. “She slides side to side like an ice skater and then puts her hands down on the ground off the slide board and puts her feet on the slide board and, facing down in a downward dog position, does a pike, kicking her butt in the air and then sliding both legs out and back. “She does it so gracefully one might think that this is an easy move. Furthermore, Brooke has had a few kids and has regained her near-perfect physique.

- Bryan Wisdom

“Anyone watching this infomercial might think that, ‘If she looks that great at forty-something using that


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