College – Issue 41

“It’s near impossible to choose only one highlight. We loved working with our lead characters and marvelled at the staging. “Those standouts included Rosalind (Lucy Aitken) and Orlando (Bruno Vaughan), the epitome of class and courage; the challenge of creating fight choreography and developing meaningful connections between performers on stage; staging the Disney-esque transition into the enchanted forest to effectively contrast the disturbing torture dungeon of Duke Frederick (Jacob Clements); the frivolous joy and energy of Touchstone (Meg Crump)

and her work alongside the beautifully forlorn William

(William Jones); the sheep and goats (enough said); Jaques (Ollie Jones) erupting from the audience; the arrival of the goddesses in a shower of fireworks, and the ridiculousness of the finale dance set to Slice of Heaven, as a replacement for Shakespeare’s usual jig. “All these components barely touch on how wonderful it has been to work on As You Like It with this exceptional team – they have been a dream. We would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

College Issue 41 2021


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