College – Issue 41

ACADEMIC Expand your mind – advance your skills

When bright students want a challenge, College’s Centre for Advanced Learning steps up. This is the area sought out by students who set exceptionally high standards for themselves and thrive on being constantly challenged by new initiatives.

Head of Advanced Learning Emma Bracken, an English teacher, finds working with College’s brightest young minds an absolute delight, with some students raising the bar well above expectations. Emma has brought an additional strength to her role – the desire to encourage more diversity for advancement across the whole range of learning opportunities on offer at College. However, it is not all about academic learning. The pastoral component must keep pace, and each student’s

maturity, and emotional development needs to be considered. It is all part of the equation, and achieving a balance is critical to the success of the programme and the student. Emma’s introduction to students comes typically via Year 9 and Year 10 testing at the start of each year. However, it can also result from her own call-up – inviting boys whose capacity for extension is obvious and whose classroom teachers have signalled their potential.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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