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“I think it is great that there are classes in our curriculum such as Financial Literacy,Wellbeing, and Te AoMa¯ ori, as these are all very useful skills in today's world.” Freddie Coates

“The Diploma also gives us more time to decide what we want to do, because of how we can switch subjects at the end of semesters.” An educator’s perspective For College Head of English Chris Waugh, the Diploma heralds a new era in boys’ education, offering multiple opportunities to “capture their imagination and challenge their skills”. It also recognises that “assessing – while an intrinsic component of education – is not the same as learning itself”. “Setting aside the stress of NCEA assessment – which can sometimes be overwhelming – until the students reach the senior school, allows us to concentrate on creating rich and sophisticated learning experiences, ultimately leaving

the boys in a stronger position to succeed in NCEA from Level 2,” he explains. “In contrast to the ‘one-size-fits- all’ nature of NCEA Level 1, we are able to tailor our work to our own students and our broader objectives as a school to develop the whole boy,” Chris says. “The Diploma structure allows students to take courses that capture their imagination and challenge their skills. There are few educational settings where students in Years 10–11 have a say over which English course they complete. Other schools could look in awe at the 12 distinct English course options from which Christ’s College students can select.” Assistant Principal – Curriculum Nicole Billante believes that the “strengths of the Diploma lie

in the array of choice and greater opportunities to achieve across a range of subjects”. “We want our boys to be inspired to learn and our new Diploma provides that gateway to achievement,” Nicole says. “They may discover an area of learning that sparks their imagination, engaging and inspiring boys to be the best they can be. “Our new Diploma also ensures that the boys do not limit their options in their senior years at College. It opens the door to greater ‘subject taster’ options to help find a path to the right career, while lessening the intense load of ongoing internal and external assessment that can weigh on mental health. With the College Diploma, boys can make a more informed decision without all the pressure to cut off subject options too early.”


Elements of the College Diploma

• Academic Engagement • Character and Leadership • Community and Service • Discovery and Challenge

• Global Citizenship • Sustainable Future • Taha Ma¯ ori

To recognise academic excellence, the top academic students in the year group who are awarded a Gold Diploma will receive their Diploma with Academic Honours.

College Issue 41 2021



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