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1. The School List of Christ’s College List 1850–1950. 6th Edition. Christchurch. Whitcomb & Tombs Ltd 2. Lyttelton Times 18 January 1851 For information about B W Dudley see 3. They were chief cabin passengers 4. On 30 November 1850. He was born at Ticehurst, Sussex on 30 November 1838. 5. Henry and Mary Ann Phillips and their children Frederick, James (13), Charles (10), Thomas (7), George (6), and Henry. See Amodeo, C. 2000 The Summer Ships. Christchurch. Caxton Press pp 169 and 319 and Lyttelton Times 18 January 1851. Three Phillips children came to Christ’s College; Charles Edward Phillips(61) Thomas Albert Phillips (77) and George Septimus Phillips ( 109). 6. Te Rua Mahara o te Ka¯wanatanga Archives New Zealand CH290 7/9 B88 and CH290 7/9 C3 7. Macfarlane, Dugald Half a Century Star 15 December 1900; For Toomath see Toomath, Edward/William. Macdonald Dictionary of Canterbury Biography T312 8. Jacobs, H. Historical Notes in The School List of Christ’s College 1850–1950 6th edition Christchurch Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd. p33. This is a revised version reprinted from the 4th edition of 1921 9. McIntyre, D. (ed) 1980 The Journal of Henry Sewell 1853–7 Vol 1 Whitcoulls Publishers. p 134 Diary entry dated 13 June 1853. For Raven see 10. The Electoral Roll for the District of Christchurch in 1853 (see Lyttelton Times 16 July 1853) listed Dudley as resident on freehold Hawkhurst Road, Jackson’s Road and in the vicinity of Dampier’s Bay. By overlaying the current street names on Jannetta Cookson’s sketch View from Mr Dudley’s House Alexander Turnbull Library A-048-037, Supplied as a thumbnail for research purposes, Michael Davies, pers com 2021, was able to confirm the above location within the Somes Estate. 11. Christ’s College Board Minutes 5 May 1858 12. Lyttelton Times 24 November 1858; see also Lyttelton Times 24 December 1858 13. Lyttelton Times 12 December 1855 and 5 January 1856.Picotees are a type of carnation. 14. Lyttelton Times 18 December 1858 and 2 Oct 1861 15. The Enrolment Book, which incorporates the Bad Conduct Register 1852–1856; The Form Book Register of Places and Exercises Grammar School Christchurch Admittances 1852–1856 16. Dudley, CT to ER Webb ms December 24 1924. Christ’s College Archives. Published with alterations in Christ’s College Register December 1924 and Press 18 December 1925. 17. Lyttelton Times 27 March 1852 Advertisement announcing that the College will open in Christchurch on 21 April 1852 18. Joseph Brittan, Christ’s College Number 15. The first class in 1852 was the highest class. 19. It is not clear where Dudley was educated after Christmas 1848 when he left Marlborough College and before he was entered on the roll of the Grammar School in early 1851. Marlborough College Register from 1843 to 1904 inclusive. 5th edition, 1905. marlboroughcoll00englgoog/page/n7/mode/2up 20. Form Book of Places and Exercises p34 21. Lyttelton Times 28 August 1852 22. Jacobs ibid p34 23. WGB [William Guise Brittan] “As it was in the beginning” study in origins Christ’s College Register December 1894 pp5–6 24. Barker, SD Reminiscences Canterbury Times 7 April 1892 25. George Dyer Draper was the brother of Fanny Erskine Fitzgerald. The Fitzgeralds moved to Springs Station in 1853. 26. Barker ibid. Based on these dates “Charley” could be anyone of the following: Charles Collwyn Prichard (1), Charles Hood Williams (5), Charles Thornton Dudley (21), Charles Kiver (36) or Charles Henry Vigers (45). 27. Brittan, Frederick George (FGB) A Few Reminisences Christ’s College Register August 1901 pp 70–73 28. The exact location of this land is not clear. 29. Form Book page 131 30. Lyttelton Times 30 June 1855 31. For the background to the Melanesian Mission see Armstrong, E S 1900 The History of the Melanesian Mission. London. Isbister and Company Ltd; Ross, R M 1983 Melanesians at Mission Bay. New Zealand Historic Places Trust; Garrett, J 1982 To Live Among the Stars. World Council of Churches; Davidson, AK (ed) 2000 The Church in Melanesia 1849–1959 The College of St John the Evangelist, Auckland; Hilliard, D 1970 Bishop G A Selwyn and the Melanesian Mission. NZ Journal of History 4(2) pp 120–137. 32. See Lyttelton Times 7 November 1855; Younge, Charlotte Mary 1875 Life of John Coleridge Patteson htm pp160-161. 33. Lyttelton Times 27 December 1856 34. Lyttelton Timess 7 January 1856; Daily Southern Cross 13 February 1857. 35. Armstrong, E S p 39 36. See Davidson, A K p 14 37. Patteson to his father 7 June 1861 quoted in Ross, R M oss p 32. 38. Dudley’s own accounts of his time in Melanesia can be found in Vol 186 of Dr Hocken’s pamphlets, Hocken Library, Dunedin. Viz: Journal of a winter spent on Amota, Banks Islan, 1860; Journal of My 4th Melanesian Voyage in the Southern Cross, 1858. Cf Riley, T. pers com 2021. 39. Dudley, B T Sermon Christ’s College Register April 1901 pp 14–18 40. The late Archdeacon Dudley Christ’s College Register April 1901 p 8; see also 100 Years Ago Popular parson dies at his post from the Files of the New Zealand Herald. New Zealand Herald 24 April 2001. 19th Century Old Boy Files, Christ’s College Archives.

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