College – Issue 41

NEWS & EVENTS Campus custodian pools his talents

Custodian Martin Guttmann is enjoying the variety and demands of his new role, ensuring that the campus facilities function well. He also ensures that the swimming pool and boilers operate, and that College rules and expectations are adhered to by staff and students, along with keeping the campus safe and secure at night. Martin, who took up the custodian role in March this year, is also part of the College maintenance team, “helping out with whatever comes up”. He and his family arrived from Austria 12 years go, where he qualified as a cabinet maker and furniture maker. Having gained New Zealand citizenship, they are well settled into Kiwi life. Working with wood remains a pastime and a pleasure for this self-motivated specialist, along with keeping fit. Martin has played football and fistball, which is popular in Europe and South America, throughout his life. Both have helped keep him involved in sport, along with his three sport-focused children.

College Issue 41 2021


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