College – Issue 41

Roman Jewell Roman Jewell has moved from mixing a special peanut butter recipe in a tiny kitchen at a lawn bowls club to taking on the big names in nut butters around the world. Founded in 2013, the multi- award-winning Fix & Fogg focuses on creativity and sustainability. Roman’s business mantra is simple: “Persistence beats resistance. That will get you to where you want to go eventually.” He also believes that business should be a “force for good” and a worthwhile endeavour. “In the food business, it should be meaningful, sustainable and delicious.” He shared his journey with a wider audience at Business Banter because it is important to “pay it forward and give it back”. “If I can help someone in the audience who has got a business or is thinking about something or is struggling with something – that’s a really good thing.” Roman acknowledges that the company’s move into the overseas market has been challenging, with the Wellington-based company targeting the American market. “We have put ourselves under immense pressure to continue to innovate so the business has never stood still. And I think that builds resilience by having that mindset,” he says. Roman believes the company’s international success indicates the “great grounding” New Zealand offers in business, with the local market demanding good quality. “It’s a hyper-competitive market – you have to be top of your game if you are going to succeed here.”

College Issue 41 2021


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