College – Issue 41

George Fulton At 21, George Fulton is already a qualified welder-fabricator with an impressive list of work projects under his helmet. George, who attended College from 2013–2016, explains that he “discovered his passion for what I really wanted to do in life” via his time in the material technology rooms, with his hands-on skills clearly on show from the start. He believes that College “helped ensure a high level of discipline while studying” and provided invaluable one-on-one learning when needed, enabling his ability to now “work efficiently and fluently while remaining highly focused”. George credits Gavin Love for sharing his trade skills and his knowledge, and ensuring College boys got a taste of different work environments. “It was great to actually see what a job outside school might look like,” he says. At College, George found his interest in the “welding and fabrication side of the shop”, designing and building a motorised drift trike. Buoyed by his College experience and after spending a day at Ara, George enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering course at the end of Year 12. Following graduation, he was selected for a three-year apprenticeship with Mercer Stainless and qualified this year. “I have been focused on the stainless-steel side of welding and fabrication, and been fortunate to be exposed to a very wide range of projects, including silos for dairy plants and wine storage facilities, conveyor systems for Australian freezer plants and plenty of other jobs around New Zealand,” he says. “I have recently moved on to site work for the dairy sector, particularly tube and pipe welding shutdown maintenance.

“It was great to actually see what a job outside school might

“Having worked in many interesting environments and places, I hope to eventually take my trade skills overseas for a while as welding fabricators are in demand everywhere. “In 10 years, I aim to have my own business – contracting around New Zealand or starting my own shop in Christchurch. Being in the trades and seeing anything you have made or worked on definitely keeps you going and gives you self-worth.”

look like.” George Fulton

College Issue 41 2021


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