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poker continuously for 12 hours in a single room. A third of these students (the donors) had roaring rhinovirus colds; a third (susceptible students) wore arm braces so that they could only be infected via aerosol transmission of rhinovirus and a third could touch their faces and be infected via both aerosol and contact transmission. The outcome was that there was no difference in the infection rate between those who could only be infected via small and large droplet aerosols and those who could be infected via both hand contact and/ or aerosols. “In a separate room, another group of rhinovirus-susceptible students played poker for 12 hours, with the poker chips and playing cards swapped each hour from the first room. The playing cards became soggier and soggier with snot as

the experiment progressed. After 12 hours, no student developed a cold, suggesting that the primary route of rhinovirus transmission is via aerosols, with hand-to-hand or contact transmission being rare.” Lance established the virology service for the CDHB in 1980, overseeing its transition from a classical virology service into a modern molecular diagnostic

Offered the opportunity to establish a virology service for the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) in Christchurch, Lance then headed for home in 1979. However, his journey was interrupted by a chance to join a respiratory virus research group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and travel to Antarctica to carry out respiratory virus transmission-interruption studies using virucidal tissues over two seasons at McMurdo Station and Scott Base. An outcome of this work was the development of the Kimble-Clark Virucidal Tissues. In the late 1980s, he spent two years back at the University of Wisconsin. “In the US, I think defining how rhinovirus colds are transmitted from person to person was the most significant achievement of my career. We had students playing

laboratory servicing half the population of New Zealand.

It also supports clinical research in Canterbury, hosts the WHO National Measles Laboratory and has high containment facilities for dealing with emerging viral diseases. Today, Lance continues to guide the next generation of would-be virologists.

Defining a new era of real estate John Fulton Born and raised in Christchurch, property has always been a passion from a young age. Bringing together over 8 years of residential construction, sales and development knowledge. John understands the property process from the start to finish. “John is a natural at recognizing people’s needs and building rapport. His attention to our needs and the way he picked them up on our initial visit, is a testament to how thoroughly he listened and remembered. John’s empathy, negotiation skills and professional manner, not to mention his understanding of the building industry, has set him in good stead to become a top salesperson.” - Courtney E

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