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GOING INCOGNITO The Pros and Cons of Private Browsing

They say that nothing is truly anonymous on the internet. While this may be the case, there are ways to make your digital footprint stand out a little less. Browsing online in incognito mode, also called private browsing, has many benefits. But like with any technology, you should be aware of the limits to what it can do. THE PROS Incognito mode allows you to keep some of your online activity private from other users. It will erase your browsing and search histories and toss out any tracking cookies you pick up. This is especially useful for keeping private information like passwords away from prying eyes. No browsing history also means ultimate privacy from anyone you share your computer with. A bonus tip is to use private browsing to outsmart sites that ask you to pay in order to see more than a few samples of their content. In incognito mode, no recorded cookies mean you’re a fresh user to these paywalls every time.

THE CONS While private browsing is a quick and easy way to hide history and clear cookies, it’s not meant to keep you completely anonymous. Any webpage you visit will still recognize your IP address, and online snoops could still track what you’re doing via the internet if they really wanted to. It’s also important to remember that any add-ons or plug-ins you have installed may still be storing information about your internet browsing. If you want to be completely anonymous, you’ll need to connect to a virtual private network. But that’s a lesson for a different newsletter. There are many useful ways to implement incognito mode as you utilize your computer and the internet. If you frequent public computers or have a shared computer at home, browse incognito so others can’t access your personal information through backtracking. Just explore your browser’s settings to see how easy it is to go incognito. It’s the perfect way to shop online for Christmas gifts and keep your loved ones surprised. MEDISOFT, LYTEC, NEXTGEN, & APRIMA SUPPORT PLANS FOR HOSTING, BACKUP, AND MORE Need Support? Call 480-497-7480 if you have a support contract. Don’t Have Support? Plans start at just $99/month. Call us at 855-455-5035 to get started with support, training, electronic claims, electronic health records (EHR), hosting, backup, and more. We have so many tools and services to help your business become more efficient, keep its network protected, and remain a thriving independent practice. We want to help your practice perform at the highest possible level by providing services that help you get the most out of your software. Be sure to check our website often at to learn about upcoming trainings and other events we host. DON’T FORGET TO UPGRADE YOUR SOFTWARE!


After spending a few years deep- diving into the world of marketing,

Nathan Foster came back to AZCOMP in September 2019 as a sales account manager. “The culture here is better than anywhere you can find. When you work with people that actually like coming to work, it reflects in the job you do for your customers. That means we can actually be helpful to them,” Nathan says. Working in the sales department means Nathan spends a lot of time interacting with both our team and our customers, and it’s that collaborative spirit that makes his work meaningful.

When he’s not exemplifying AZCOMP’s core values, Nathan is a family man. His wife and two children enjoy playing sports, going on hikes, and attending community events together. Nathan’s favorite way to unwind is gardening. He’s thrilled that living in Arizona means it’s a hobby he can have year-round, and of course, the fresh vegetables are a nice bonus.

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