Gloomhaven RuleBook

AREA EFFECTS Some attacks and other abilities allow figures to target multiple hexes or multiple targets at the same time. In these cases, the area of effect for the ability is shown on the ability card . Note that any rotational orientation of the depicted diagram is valid. Also note that each target constitutes a separate attack (drawing its own attack modifier card), but all attacks together make up a single attack action . Instances of Advantage and Disadvantage are mostly gained by specific character or monster abilities. However, any ranged attack targeting an adjacent enemy also gains Disadvantage for that target. Instances of Advantage or Disadvantage don’t stack, and if an attack has instances of both Advantage and Disadvantage, they cancel out each other and the attack is performed normally. If there is ambiguity about which card drawn is better or worse, use whichever card was drawn first. Ambiguity can occur when comparing one or more added effects provided by attack modifier cards (e.g., elemental infusions, negative conditions, etc.) All added effects should be considered to have a positive but undefined numerical value.


Grey indicates the hex on which the figure is currently located. An area attack which includes a grey hex is always considered a melee attack.


Red indicates the hexes with enemies affected by the ability.



1 Flamethrower For a ranged area attack, only one of the red hexes needs to be within the range specified, and it does not need to contain an enemy. However, for both ranged and melee area attacks, you can only attack enemies in hexes you have line of sight to.

1 Ink Bomb

Attack 3 WOUND 2

Attack 4 Range 3 Gain for each enemy targeted. 1

2 2 Example: This attack indicates that the figure can perform a ranged “Attack 4” on a cluster of three hexes as long as at least one of those hexes is within Range 3. 74

2 2 Example: This attack indicates that the figure can perform a melee “Attack 3” on the cluster of three hexes. 47

Shield 1 Affect self and all adjacent allies

Some attacks are accompanied by a “Target X” value, which means the character can target X number of different enemies within the attack’s range with the attack. Move 4


034 For any attack that targets multiple enemies, an attack modifier card is drawn for each target . It is not possible to target the same enemy with multiple attacks from the same ability. Note: Abilities can never target allies (positive abilities meant for allies will use the term “affect” instead of “target”). An ally can be within the affected area of an attack, but they will not be targeted by it . Note also that as long as an attack does not specify range, it is considered melee, such that it is possible to attack a non-adjacent target with a melee attack if hex configuration allows.


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