Gloomhaven RuleBook

ACTIVE BONUSES Some abilities can give a character, or his or her allies, bonuses on other abilities, either persistently until certain conditions are fulfilled or for the rest of the round . These abilities are denoted with symbols, and the cards with these effects are played into the active area in front of the player to keep track of these bonuses. Persistent bonuses can be identified by the symbol   displayed on the card. These ability effects will be active from the time the card is played until the conditions specified on the card are met. These conditions usually track the number of times a particular game event has occurred, such as making or defending against an attack. Place a token on the first marked position of the card’s action and advance it one space each time the effect is triggered, left to right, top to bottom. When the ability has been used once for each space on the card, remove the card from play by placing it in the lost pile. Players must use the benefits of a persistent bonus when possible, even if no benefit is gained. If there are no conditions specified or positions marked, the card may remain in the player’s active area for the rest of the scenario and can be removed from play at any time by placing it in the lost pile.

1 Frost Armor

Example: The Spellweaver plays her Frost Armor ability, which negates the next two sources of damage against her. She places a character token on the first circle of the card  . Then each time afterward that she normally would suffer 1 or more points of damage, the bonus is applied, the damage is negated, and the token is moved forward one space. Once the token moves twice, the card is moved to the player’s lost pile and the bonus is no longer active. a

Attack 2 Range 3 +1 Attack , : 1

2 2


On the next two sources of damage to you, suffer no damage instead.




Examples of Character Tokens


Round bonuses will have this symbol   on the card. The effect of the ability will be active from the time the card is played until the end of the round, at which point the card will be placed in the player’s discard or lost pile (depending on whether the action also contains an  symbol). Even though a bonus card is placed in the active area, it is still considered discarded or lost, depending on whether the action also contains an   symbol. At any time, these cards can be moved to the appropriate pile, however, doing so immediately removes any bonuses that were being applied by the card.


A “Shield X” bonus ability gives the recipient a defender’s bonus that reduces any incoming attack value by X. Multiple shield bonuses stack with one another and can be applied in any order. A shield bonus only applies to damage caused by an attack .


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