Gloomhaven RuleBook

RECOVER AND REFRESH Certain abilities allow a player to recover discarded or lost ability cards. This means that the player can look through his or her discard or lost pile (or discarded or lost cards in his or her active area), select up to a number of cards specified in the ability, and immediately return them to his or her hand. Some cards, however, cannot be recovered or refreshed once lost . This is denoted by the   symbol. This symbol applies to the card no matter how the card was lost or consumed. Refresh abilities allow players to regain the use of spent or consumed item cards. In the case of both recover and refresh, the type of card gained (discarded or lost for ability cards, spent or consumed for item cards) is specified in the ability.

Recover Ability Card

Refresh Item Cannot be recovered or refreshed once lost or consumed


A “Loot X” ability allows a character to pick up every money token and treasure tile within range X. This action is unaffected by the positions of monsters or obstacles, but note this is considered a ranged ability for the purposes of line-of-sight. Money tokens are kept in a player’s personal supply and are not shared with the other players. If a treasure tile is looted, immediately refer to the reference number in the treasure index in the back of the scenario book to determine what is found (see Treasure on p. 15 for details). If a character loots an item he or she already owns a copy of, the new item is immediately sold to the city’s available supply (see Buying and Selling Items on p. 43 for details). END-OF-TURN LOOTING In addition to specific loot abilities, a character must also loot any money tokens or treasure tiles present in the hex he or she occupies at the end of the character’s turn . Character summons do not perform end-of-turn looting. GAINING EXPERIENCE

1 Single Out

Some actions also have an experience value attached to them, denoted by  . When that action is taken, the character gains the number of experience specified. An ability card cannot be played for the experience alone—a character must use one or more of the accompanying abilities to earn the experience. In addition, sometimes the action specifies that experience is only earned under certain conditions, such as consuming an elemental infusion or if the attacked target is adjacent to an attacker’s allies  . Some persistent bonuses will also give a character experience, denoted by  , when that charge of the bonus is expended   (i.e., when the character token moves off that slot). Characters do not automatically gain experience from killing monsters. Only using specific actions awards experience. a b

Attack 3 Add +2 Attack and gain when the target is adjacent to any of your allies. 1 a

2 2


On your next four attacks targeting enemies adjacent to none of their allies, add +2 Attack .






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