Gloomhaven RuleBook

Experience is tracked on the right side of a player’s tracking dial by rotating the wheel to the appropriate number  . c


CHARACTER DAMAGE Whenever any damage is dealt to a character, the player has two options: • Suffer the damage and move his or her hit point total on the tracking wheel down the appropriate number , or… • Choose one card to lose from his or her hand or two cards to lose from his or her discard pile to negate the damage (any additional effects of the attack are still applied). Note that before a character acts in a round, the two cards chosen at the beginning of the round are neither in the player’s hand or lost or discard pile, and so cannot be lost to negate damage. B B or A A A Chooseonepath Start of Round: LeadingDZcardDZplay d RevealDZmonsterDZactions,DZactDZinDZinitiativeDZ[DZDZDZ]DZorder. LongDZrest PlayDZ2DZcards Active

On turn: Initiative [ ]: B

LoseDZoneDZdiscardDZ andDZrecoverDZtheDZrest,DZ HealDZDZDZDZDZ(self)DZand refreshDZDZDZDZDZDZspentDZitems. 2 99

PerformDZtopDZabilityDZofDZoneDZ cardDZandDZbottomDZabilityDZofDZ theDZotherDZinDZanyDZorder.

Whenever a character is healed, move his or her hit point total on the tracking wheel up the appropriate number   . The tracking wheel cannot go above the character's maximum hit point value indicated on the player’s character mat  . d e End of round: Monsteractions: DZ DZ ReduceDZelementDZstre g h. DZ DZ OptionalDZshortDZrest:DZloseDZoneDZrandomDZdiscardDZandDZrecoverDZ theDZrest. DZ DZ ShuffleDZDZDZDZDZDZattackDZandDZmonsterDZdecksDZwhereDZapplicable. EliteDZfirst,DZthenDZnormalDZinDZascendingDZnumericalDZorder.DZ FocusDZonDZDZDZDZDZDZclosest,DZDZDZDZDZDZlowestDZinitiative.DZ ThenDZmoveDZtoDZmaximizeDZattackDZonDZfocus. 1 2



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26


EXHAUSTION A character can become exhausted in one of two ways: • If a character ever drops below one hit point on the hit point tracker, or…

ITEMS Characters can use items at any time, within the constraints of what is written on the item card, including in the middle of a card ability. However, if an item affects an attack (e.g. adds a bonus, an effect, advantage, or disadvantage), it has to be used before an attack modifier is drawn. If an effect is added to an attack, it functions exactly as if it had been written on the action card being used for the attack. There is no limit to the number of items a character can use on their turn or even during a specific ability. Any instance of applying the effects of an item card to a situation is considered a use. Like persistent abilities, an item with multiple use circles must be used when the situation applies. In either case, all ability cards are placed in the characters lost pile, the character’s figure is removed from the map, and the character can no longer participate in the scenario in any way. There is no coming back from being exhausted during a scenario , and thus it should be avoided at all costs. If all characters become exhausted during a scenario, the scenario is lost. • If, at the beginning of a round, a player cannot play two cards from his or her hand (because they have one card or no cards in his or her hand) and also cannot rest (because they have one card or no cards in their discard pile). Exhaustion due to insufficient cards does not affect a character’s current hit point total.


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