Gloomhaven RuleBook

c. Monster Movement pp.30–31

Table of Contents

i. Monster Interaction with Traps and Hazardous Terrain p.31

d. Monster Attacks p.31 e. Other Monster Abilities pp.31–32 f. Ambiguity p.32 g. Bosses p.32

Play Overview pp.4–12

1. Character Mats p.6 2. Character Ability Cards p.7 3. Item Cards p.8 4. Monster Statistic Cards p.9 5. Monster Ability Cards p.10 6. Battle Goal Cards p.10 7. Attack Modifier Cards p.11

5. End of Round p.32

a. Round Tracker p.33

Finishing a Scenario p.33 Special Scenario Rules p.34 Campaign Overview pp.34–40 1. Campaign Board p.35 2. Party Sheet p.36 3. Character Sheet p.37 4. Personal Quest Cards p.38

Scenario Setup pp.12–16

1. Scenario Page pp.12–13­ 2. Overlay Tiles pp.14–15 3. Scenario Level p.15 4. Game Variant: Open Information and Solo Play p.16 Round Overview pp.16–31 1. Card Selection pp.16–17 a. Resting p.17

5. Random Item Design Cards p.38 6. Random Side Scenario Cards p.38 7. City and Road Event Cards p.39 8. Sealed Boxes and Envelopes p.40 9. Town Records p.40 10. Achievements p.40 Playing a Campaign pp.41–47 1. Traveling and Road Events pp.41–42

2. Determining Initiative p.18 3. Character Turn pp.18–28 a. Move p.19

i. Revealing a Room p.19

a. Completing Road Events pp.41–42 b. Reputation p.42 a. Creating New Characters p.42 b. Completing City Events p.43 c. Buying and Selling Items p.43 d. Leveling Up pp.44–45 i. Additional Perks p.44 ii. Building a Hand of Cards p.45 iii. Scenario Scaling p.45 e. Donating to the Sanctuary p.45 f. Enhancing Ability Cards pp.45–47 g. Announcing Retirement p.48 h. Gloomhaven Prosperity p.48

b. Attack pp.19–22

i. Advantage and

2. Visiting Gloomhaven pp.42–48

Disadvantage pp.20–21

ii. Area Effects p.21 iii. Attack Effects p.22

c. Conditions pp.22–23 d. Elemental Infusions pp.23–24 e. Active Bonuses pp.25–26 i. Shield p.25 ii. Retaliate p.26 f. Heal p.26 g. Summon p.26 h. Recover and Refresh p.27 i. Loot p.27 i. End of Turn Looting p.27 j. Gaining Experience pp.27–28 k. Character Damage p.28 l. Exhaustion p.28 m. Items p.28

3. Scenario Completion p.49 Special Conditions for Opening Envelopes p.49 Game Variant: Reduced Randomness p.49 Game Variant: Permanent Death p.50 Game Variant: Random Dungeon Deck pp.50–51 Credits p.51 Quick Guide p.52 (back cover)

4. Monster Turn pp.29–32

a. Order of Action p.29 b. Monster Focus pp.29–30


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