Gloomhaven RuleBook

Bonus abilities: Ability card bonuses are activated through actions only when the monster activates and are only active until the end of the round in which the card was drawn. Looting: Monsters do not perform end-of-turn looting, but some monsters do have loot actions. In these cases, a monster will pick up all money tokens within the specified range. These money tokens are lost and are not dropped again when the looting monster is killed. Monsters are unable to loot treasure tiles. AMBIGUITY If the rules ever make any monster action ambiguous because there are multiple viable hexes to which the monster could move, multiple equally viable targets to heal or attack, or multiple hexes a monster could push or pull a character into, the players must decide which option the monster will take. BOSSES

Players will occasionally encounter bosses in their adventures. All bosses have their own stat card but act using a universal “Boss” ability card deck  . Note that bosses are not considered normal or elite monsters. Bosses perform special actions on their turn that are summarized on their stat card. Explanations for more complicated abilities can be found in the Scenario Book. Bosses’ stats are often based on the number of characters, which is signified by the letter “C” on the boss stat card. Lastly, bosses are immune to certain negative conditions. The conditions to which they are immune are listed on their stat card  . a

Summon Living Bones 1: 2: Bandit Commander



10 x C 3 3 -

Move to next door and reveal room


Boss a

End of Round Once all figures have taken a turn, the round ends and some cleanup steps may be necessary: • If a standard “2x”     or “Null”    attack modifier card was drawn from a specific modifier deck during the round, shuffle all the discards of that deck back into its draw deck. • If a monster ability card with a shuffle symbol   was drawn at the start of the round, shuffle all discards for the corresponding monster type back into its deck. • If there are any elemental infusion tokens in the Strong column , move them to the Waning column. If there are any elemental infusion tokens in the Waning column, move them to Inert. • Place all active round bonus ability cards in the appropriate discard or lost pile (depending on whether an action with a [lost card] symbol was used). • Players may also perform a short rest (see Resting on p. 17 for details) if they are able.


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