Gloomhaven RuleBook

ROUND TRACKER Some scenarios may require players to keep track of what round it is. A round track can be found at the top of the elemental infusion table for this purpose. At the end of every round, simply move the tracker token   forward one space. Note that it is not necessary to keep track of the rounds for most scenarios. Finishing a Scenario A scenario can end in one of two ways: success or failure. Once a scenario’s success or failure conditions are triggered, the remainder of the round is played out, and then the scenario ends. Success or failure , players tally the experience their individual characters earned during the scenario and tally the money tokens their characters looted during the scenario and convert them into gold. Each money token looted is worth an amount of gold based on the scenario level and specified on the chart on p. 15. Anything not looted during the scenario is not collected. Players also recover all lost and discarded ability cards, refresh all spent and exhausted item cards, and return their hit point dials to their a



Remove two cards Replaceone card withone card Add two cards Addone card Add three PUSH

Have five or more total cards in your hand and discard at the end of the scenario. Streamliner


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Battle Goal Card

Character Sheet

maximum hit point value so that they can start fresh in a future scenario. Players should also go through their attack modifier deck and remove any BLESS cards, CURSE cards, and any other negative cards added through scenario and item effects. This should also be done with the monster attack modifier deck. All battle goals are shuffled back into the battle goal deck, regardless of whether they were completed. If players successfully complete the scenario , they receive checkmarks for their characters’ completed battle goal cards at this time. Checkmarks are recorded on the player’s character sheet and completing a set of three immediately earns a character an additional perk (see Additional Perks on p. 44 for details). Even if a character is exhausted, as long as the scenario was successfully completed, that character can still complete his or her battle goal, earn scenario rewards, and keep all the money and experience he or she collected before becoming exhausted. There is no penalty for becoming exhausted. Players also receive bonus experience for successfully completing the scenario. This bonus is equal to four plus twice the scenario level (see Scenario Level on p. 15 for details). Inox Brute

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If players are playing in a campaign, successfully completing a scenario will also allow them to read the conclusion flavor text of the scenario and gain the benefits listed at the end (see Scenario Completion on p. 49 for details). In a campaign the money and experience collected during a scenario will be very important to improve a character’s skills and abilities and should be tracked on the player’s character sheet  . If the scenario was not part of a campaign, money and experience can be used as metric for gauging how well each character did. b

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