Gloomhaven RuleBook

Campaign Board

The campaign board is used to track the global progress of the game world. The locations, achievements, and prosperity tracked on the board apply globally to all parties playing in the world.










Location sticker


THE BOARD INCLUDES: • A map of Gloomhaven  and the surrounding area  . Numbered circles on the map  represent scenarios that can be unlocked through the course of playing the campaign. When a scenario is unlocked, its corresponding sticker  is placed over the numbered circle (see Scenario Completion on p. 49 for details). When an unlocked scenario is completed in campaign mode, the blank spot on its sticker  is marked to signify this. • A reference grid for the map  so that scenario locations can more easily be found. • A space for tracking global achievements  . When a global achievement is unlocked, its corresponding sticker  should be placed in one of the sticker slots in this space (see Achievements on p. 40 for details). • A prosperity track  . When the prosperity of Gloomhaven increases, a square on the prosperity track should be marked for every point of increase, moving from left to right (see Gloomhaven Prosperity on p. 48 for details). At certain thresholds, this will increase the prosperity level of Gloomhaven. e f h g i a b c d


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